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One Month Anywhere...

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I've been living in New York City for the past 5 years and recently decided to move to Boulder, CO. Before we make the move, however, my wife and I are going to spend the month of January skiing somewhere in N. America. The question is: where to go?


A bit more info:


I'm an advanced skier and used to be an instructor at a small resort out east, but I haven't been out more than 15x in S. Vermont and 1 week long trip to Jackson Hole in the past 5 years. I'm hoping to get my legs back and progress quickly by spending a month on the slopes. My wife is intermediate-advanced but kind of timid. She's looking to build confidence off-piste.


Our criteria for the trip:


- Variety of terrain including lots of ungroomed

- Ability to try out some backcountry skiing (never done this)

- Solid snow in January

- Reasonable lodging prices

- Somewhat of a town (not critical, but would be nice)


Right now heading back to Jackson Hole is topping my list. The major downside, far as I can see, is that lodging is super-expensive.


Thanks in advance for your thoughts!


(As an aside I'm also looking for new skis - posted over here: http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/95795/new-two-ski-quiver-advice-needed)

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Someone asked a similar question recently and got a number of offbeat answers, somewhat driven by a low budget requirement:



Obviously all the big names would work. Jackson sounds great, couldn't you find cheaper lodging in the town and use bus system to get to ski area? Steamboat has a good record for January snow and is not too far from Boulder. If you get the epicski pass for Breck/Vail/Keystone/A-basin and have a car, then staying in a reasonably priced older condo in Frisco or Dillon makes a lot of sense. This option offers unparalled terrain variety. Could also live in Winter Park and get the cheap season pass it shares with Copper Mtn?? BTW, Eldora is the local ski hill for Boulder and though I have easy-to-please mid-Atlantic perspective, I thought it was pretty dang good for a smaller place with sprinkling of steeps, challenging glades, nice learning area, pretty views and modest crowds.


If I was going to think a bit more exotically, I guess Revelstoke or somewhere allowing full exploration of interior BC ski areas would be very nice for this rare window of opportunity, but could entail multiple season passes.

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