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Sugarloaf's 10 Year Plan

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Major doings at Sugarloaf.....Expanding to Burnt Mountain, 270 acres of new glades this year. In a 3 phase expansion they are doubling the skiing acres. The new area is being called Brackett Basin and is huge and beautiful.


The base lodge is getting a facelift this summer. Looks great. Wood theme.


Word has it next summer the Spillway Chairs will be replaced with a fixed grip quad. That's awesome. Eventually they are going to extend the Timberline Quad down to Bullwinkles, an on-mountain lodge. Great.


Hopefully, within 10 years, a new lift will service the summit from the base.


The expansion to Burnt Mtn. literally will blow away any other resort in the east.


Continued snowmaking improvements will allow for earlier openings and later closings.


They are also cleaning up the snowfields to rid the natural 'debris' that has grown up in the past several decades. With snowmaking in the snowfields skiers will have a better chance to experience natures wonders of above treeline skiing.  


Boyne is transforming the 'loaf and IMO, doing a fine job of it. For anyone who knows Sugarloaf, this expansion is mind bending and vast.


Sugarloaf is doubling in size. Wow.!!

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Hey bud, you and I need to be the very first ones down the Burnt side. I'll be by tomorrow to pick you up - as long as Earl doesn't blow my car away.


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David....You're going to be a lost sailor when this thing called Earl blows through your neighborhood.!!


You know how much us Sugarloafer's hate wind.


Batten down the hatch and ride it out. The compass card is spinning and the helm is swinging...to and fro.


Get that Kubota under cover....they don't take the weather as well as Green does. BTW, I purchased a 3pt. snowblower. 64". That combined with the deere will allow more time on the slopes. Bring it.!!


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S-man, can you imagine if Earl came through four months from now. I would get to the top of the snowfields and strap myself to the WTOS tower.

Not supposed to be that bad though - winds in the 30-50 range. Seen that before. And the fleet is out of the water.

As for your provocative comments about by Kubota, always thought the color of yours was just green with envy.

The snowblower you got is a nice attachment. My favorite is the bush hog - it is by far the scariest thing I own.

Happy trails,


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