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My guess,

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if you are a person that is always losing things.... don't even get close to these.




If ever a piece of equipment or clothing needed a dedicated locater, these are the ones.


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Hah....    First of all, we can all say a massive thank you to Arcteryx for breaking the $200 barrier for glove prices (previously no manufacturer dared to price their gloves more than $200, now it is OK).  


That gripe aside, I actually handled those in person and can share a few observations: 

The price aside, this is a pretty cracking good glove, it is even more dexterous than Hestra, especially in the fingertips which do not have any raised seams.  I have no idea about on-snow performance, but they looked very light and very warn, kind of like an Arcteryx shell ( a very good thing).  The liner glove does not attach to the shell in any way, but the liner cuff is laminated, so your hand slides an and out quite easily and when the gauntlet is tightened even a bit the liner would not get out.  Pretty ingenious I must admit.  


The things that pissed me off were: (1) no leashes whatsoever, so you need to improvise your own, yeah, and that's for a $300 glove.  (2) No carabiner to hold the gloves together whatsoever, so you need to improvise your own, yeah, and that's again for a $300 glove.  (3) The elastic strap that cinches the wrist is secured by a pretty flimsy plastic clip and the free end of the strap is just that- free and dangling loose.  It is not long, but it may flap in the wind, catch on stuff, etc. I also noticed that it is pretty easy to unclip that buckle.  So, I am not sure how well that would work with a pole strap, and if you tumble, you would likely unclip this buckle.  Hestra Heli in contrast is cinched by a velcro strap that is on the other side of the wrist, which is a much more secure and cleaner design.  


Considering the price difference Hestra Heli looks like a massive winner in my book. If Arcteryx Alpha SV was below $200, that would have been a much more even matchup. 




P.S.  I am in general a very big fan of Arcteryx gear and managed to accumulate a good number of their pieces, so I am not biased in any way, shape or form.  

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