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Hi there everyone in Epic Ski Community

Stoked to be partnering the epic crew


We have been busy scoring more content from around the place and also chasing some bucks for 2 expeditions that are on the radar

A speedflying mission into a special part of the world and a unique Base Jump journey which needs sponsorship.


Also had some great feedback from Epic community re the 24/7 videos so here are two more to put out there for you to enjoy.Thank you for da warm words.


Diaries DownUnder Ep 1: Coronet Peak on opening day 2010 with Stef Zeestraten followed by a solid storm 2 days later makes for epic early season conditions.



Sage Cattabriga is famous for taking freestyle skiing to the Big Mountain environment. Watch him rip up some of the most challenging slopes in New Zealand's Southern Alps.In the same week the 7 dudes went from surfing 15 to 20 ft waves at Papas to skiing pow around Wanaka. Classic NZ adventure tourism.


Let us know how these stack up.


Plenty more on channel 24/7 -

Ciao sb