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August snow 8-30-2010

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Lot's of precipitation & cool temps this morning made for a dusting of snow above 8000' in the Wasatch.


Ben Lomond Peak this afternoon:

August snow 001.JPG


August snow 008.JPG


The slow transition has begun.



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Ahhhhhh, there it is!

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should make the MTB trails tacky! 

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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post

should make the MTB trails tacky! 

We've had some good downpours every week for the last 3, trails have been great!  One of my favorite big rides is in the above photo.  28 mile loop with 3400' of vert.  Hope to do it again in the next few weeks.  Usually have to watch out for Mr, Moose though.



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Amazing!  We are in central Oregon for the week and had a few flakes fall in Sunriver this morning.  This afternoon we went  up to Paulina Peak and there was an inch of wet snow on the ground with freezing temps and howling winds.


Paulina Peak


Paulina Peak 2


Winter certainly felt as if was here today.

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Everyone looks eager to be back in the vehicle in that photo. You might need a few 100 degree days to put you int the proper spirit!
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John, what elevation are those pics?


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Almost 8000 feet. There was a little bit of snow down to 6000 feet. This morning there was definitely new snow on Mt. Bachelor. Today was beautiful.
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

Ahhhhhh, there it is!

Jackson Hole has splendidly added more Ahhhhh to the factor juuuuuust as the Calendar turns to September......


Photo cred, Lis from Jackson Hole Resort

I don't know you lis but you just made my day!!


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Look at all those skis! JF
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