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Does this shell fit me? (X-Wave 10.0)

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I just got my new X-wave 10's from Salomon in today (last year's model at closeout price). When I did a shell fit, I have just over a middle-finger width behind my heel in one boot, and about a middle-finger width plus 5mm in my other boot. (for reference, my width of my finger used is 18mm). Is this a good shell fit? I want a boot fit for skiing all day and running gates-something that I probably want to unbuckle on the lifts, but not so tight that I take my boots off every run.

Another question: I have heard this liner packs out considerably. If so, can I tighten up the boot fit after the liner begins to pack out? How is this done?
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Personally I think they're a little big. I tend to go with 15 mm max especially if I'm thinking about the occasional race.

The liners can be fitted with sinus pads across the forefoot to help push your foot back into the heel pocket when needed.
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I tend to think it's a tad on the big size as well. Actually I think that finger is pretty damn big, what have you got sausages in your mitts? The other thing is all you are checking there is length, it's still important to know that the boot is not too wide for you. That boot also accomodates quite a high instep and if you have a low instep you may not get the grip there that is important for holding your ankle and heel in place. Bottom line is if you got a good deal and already paid for them then they're probably near perfect. Later on if they're not you can also put shims under the foot bed/liner to take up volume and shim the tongue which is I think what is mentioned above. I've just never heard of a sinus pad. I like to shim the tongue first to drive the heel back and if necessary you can also pad behind the ankles to snug them up some.
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I acutally thought that my fingers were pretty skinny, moreso than everyone else I know. If I went to the next shell size down, I would be at about 12mm space behind my heel, which my bootfitter said is more of a race fit. My old Tecnicas were the same shell size, but didn't accomidate my high instep as well. They were a fairly comfortable fit, tight enough for running gates, comfortable enough to ski all day if I unbuckle my boots after every run. The Salomons were only $175, and I can't get them in a 24.5, so I guess they will have to work.
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Where did you get them for $175, and do they have a 27.5?
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I saw a local bootfitter today, and he thinks the boots fit. He put a wodden 1/2 inch dowel behind my heel, and said I had just barely more than 1/2 inch-I am at probably 15mm. He thought any shorter than that would be a race only fit. So, thanks for the responses!

Epic: I got the boots through Salomon-had to ask around to find out what they had left over from last year (my boots are 2002 colors, red instead of yellow, but same boot). Not sure if they have a 27.5, but anything they do have in stock is 1/2 off of wholesale. I know they are out of everything in a 28/28.5.
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