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Guide @ Alta

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I was fortunate enough to have been part of a group who had resort guide show us around last year at Vail.  He stuck with us for two days, it was awesome and I didn't have to pay a cent.  We went places that I never would have even considered if I was solo, and we saw so much more, such that free skiing on day 3 was fantastic.  It was the first time in 35 years I've ever used a guide and I really enjoyed it - he was personable, adaptable, knew the mountain like the back of his hand and damn skilled. 


So, we're planning a trip to Alta, and I'm thinking of hiring a guide for a half-day or a day, but I'd like to get a deal.  How difficult is it to find someone not associated with the mountain (i.e., not charging resort rates), like maybe a former instructor or similar?  The idea here is for someone to make a cash sale, while charging less than the mountain rate.  I've done this sort of arrangement lots of time with non-ski activities and it usually works out well.


I would not want to have any old ski bum who wants a free day - they would have to be personable and adaptable to our abilities and strengths.  We consider ourselves aging advanced skiers.   I'd be looking for recommendations.   Maybe quietly done using a local ski shop?

Feel free to PM me.



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I've had the benefit of local Bears show me around some amazing resorts and amazing hot spots over the past 4 years.  All I've done is post in the GTG thread area about a month before my trip and locals come out to play.  It wouldn't hurt to offer to buy lunch, or treat to apres' ski.

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This might help you




You can find friends everywhere

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    When do you plan on being at Alta. I've been there off and on since the 70s. Oh and I am one of the wild old bunch.

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Hi Guys,


First post ever (I've learned so much from this website!). I take it that the Wild Old Bunch will still be meeting during the first week of April, 4th-8th. How do think the conditions will be at this time? I have never been to SLC to ski but went out on a limb and just locked down a solo trip, because SB and Atla look so amazing, and I need one last ski trip this season. Thanks!

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