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...Picking things apart...

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Untill dchan's post I have not realized that there are so many EpicSkiers who are fond of picking things apart... For all of you there, qualified or not , here is another clip of yours truly to trash and bash

Snow Snakes


EDIT: thought of a better name,

[ April 17, 2002, 07:40 AM: Message edited by: VK ]
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Owens(Ne'er Sleeps)' recent cliff band clip might've been a LITTLE better at showing the most effective way to decelerate but this skier is coming along. A "7."

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Obviously this was the dastardly work of a snow snake.

[ April 17, 2002, 07:40 AM: Message edited by: nolobolono ]
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yeah I got a beef with that one. It's too small to see well!

Hey I resemble that fall on my last run Saturday. except I ejected a ski [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Looks like a white eastern mountain rattler to me. I did one of those about a week ago at high speed. Got the 180 spin complete with head slap (concussion) and torn back muscle. Next year a helmet will be on my head. Uh... what was I writing about?
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I think Ryan is being a bit generous rating this as a "7." I'm thinking more along a 4 or 5. For one thing there's no apparent blood or compound fracture and that to me rules out levels 7, 8, or 9.
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Good "snowpounding" at the finish, though, Si. Maybe brings it up to 4.5????
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I must confess that it was the pressure from the Martian judges that led me to award the "7." It wasn't my fault! Now, if you'll step this way, my agent and I will entertain offers for book and movie rights.
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So was this really a demo that should be in the Fitness/Health section.

Was this done before or after you saw the VT Safety ACL tape?
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I would think this was done post viewing of the VT safety tapes. It seems evident to me that he clearly goes over the front handle bars to avoid any chance of a backward twisting fall with hips below knees.

Also, Kneale, I'm willing to negotiate on the score here as long as you guarantee me a 9 or 9.5 on anything I post AND guarantee to downscore the Martians.
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That was cool.
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It appears that the customary pick up the ski and stare at the bottom is missing too. -.5 for that [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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But the look of disbelief and the head shake are there...+.5
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It is good to see that the “Texas Uphill” style of skiing has not been supplanted by the lesser Austrian or American styles in this clip of an Expert Texas Uphiller in action. The following is a breakdown of the style in an attempt to provide the viewer with sufficient analysis to duplicate these precise, breathtaking maneuvers.

Notice the left fist is initially planted followed by a quick right fist plant, both to the left of the skier’s powerfully weighted uphill ski. This permits the quick left knee plant, also to skiers uphill, left. These quick precise motions provide the balance and energy necessary to explosively unweight the skier’s weighted uphill ski and place the skier in a head down position where weight is evenly distributed on both skis. Further note that the skis are in the outward wedge at this point ensuring the inside edge of each ski is firmly engaged with the snow, the tips are wide and the tails narrow. The skier then transfers his weight to the right ski (the new uphill ski) and smoothly engages the outside/uphill edge to bear his weight, arching into a clean precise turn. Skier then uses the difficult to master hip check to reduce speed and set-up for his next series of turns. Note the quick right snow punch ensuring a firm place to plant the right pole while arising to start the next series of turns.
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I particularly noted the fist punched in the snow near the end of the clip. This represents a fine example of personal style that clearly differentiates this skier from the herd.

This skier clearly has attained a superior level of skiing as evidenced by the demonstration of a strong and distinctive style. Contrast that with the much more common practice of advanced skiers to simply attempt to mimic whatever technique may be in vogue devoid of the elements of personal style. This skier is clearly a level 9 and at the top of his game.
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Originally posted by Kneale Brownson:
Good "snowpounding" at the finish, though, Si. Maybe brings it up to 4.5????
Don't look at the "snowpounding". It is done to influence the judges. Just like the freestyle skier,who starts cheering a soon as he crosses the finish line. It's a 4.0 at the most
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This is such a great video clip I just had to bring it to the top for one more look!!
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One more time, the return of a Classic.

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So, now that I have a decent internet connection, I was actually able to view the peep show.

My one question: What are the bindings set to?
Surely if they were set correctly the skis should have released.

(just my thoughts)

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This man is at the pinnacle of his art. Why would you expect his bindings to release? I double dog dare anyone, especially MittersillManiac to duplicate this style. I doubt that even Bode Miller could improve on the Texas Uphill portrayed by this man, who by the way, is a Texas Uphill Demo Team member. Mittersill, Would you please ask Bode if improvement is possible on this technique? Oh, and you may want to add it to your list of yet unaccomplished ballet skiing maneuvers. My studied dissection above should help you on your way.

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Are you saying that Bode "the bestest skier in the whole wide world ever" Miller isn't as good as VK?
Surely you can't be right.
Nobody is better than Bode.


Edit: Damn, the sarcastic font isn't working
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A good case for what happens when you have too much weight on the inside ski, Dow! [img]tongue.gif[/img] -------------Wigs
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I don't know, Wigs. In my analysis, he doesn't have too much weight on his inside ski--he has a liitle too much on his MIND!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Actually, hes got too much weight on his behind, if you ask me!!!

BTW he says to tell you all his bindings are set to 20.

oh, 15, yea, ok.
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Ok, on behalf of the VK, he says that that video clip was at Mt. Hood, 2001. the 2002 Video just arrived and as soon as I can digitize the clip, there is a much MUCH more graceful and technically superb demonstration for your veiwing pleasure. will post soon. Bode will be jealous.
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Will he be wearing a tight downhill suit?
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Bump it back to the top.
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disski, you wanted to know what "catching an edge" is? This video is a pretty good examply of it.
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Isn't it time for one more look at this classic from the way back machine?

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I remember that snow-pounding bit.

Bet Ric Reiter would love to have had his most recent left turn end this way.
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