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TR: Bariloche Aug 15-21

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Although I am from South America (Peru), I had never been to ski there. A month ago I felt like I needed a break from work, so what better than to go to Argentina and spend a week skiing! I used airline miles, called an Argentinean friend who moved to Bariloche a few months ago, and in a couple of days got everything booked to head south. There are no action shots on this TR as I was skiing by myself all week.


Day 1: I arrived Saturday night to Bariloche and my plan was to start skiing Sunday, but my friend and his coworkers had organized an "asado", so instead of skiing we headed to Villa la Angostura, 60 miles away from Bariloche (close to Cerro Bayo). When we got there we headed into what I thought was the house:

Bariloche 011.JPG



Turns out, this was the "quincho," a building solely for the purpose of grilling. It had a parrilla, a kitchen, a bench, bathroom, and a TV for watching soccer. It also was larger than a 1-bedroom apartment in town, amazing. Here is my Argentinean friend preparing the asado:

Bariloche 007.JPG



After all that food we went hiking to the lake. It was overcast but the views were still fantastic.

Bariloche 024.JPG


Bariloche 025.JPG




Day 2: I woke up to rain in the town. Headed to the mountain and it was also raining there and up to 1,500 ft up from the base. So my first day of skiing in 4 months consisted on dust over crust, with limited visibility, and intense rain. I still managed to have fun and explore the lower mountain a bit (the top was closed). These types of slopes were a bit new to me:

Bariloche 029.JPG


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Day 3: The precipitation didn't stop, but luckily the temperatures dropped a bit and all the rain turned into snow. They only had a few chairs open and visibility was still bad, but the snow was starting to get deep.

Bariloche 035.JPG


Bariloche 036.JPG


Bariloche 043.JPG


Bariloche 056.JPG



These racers were setting up a course in these conditions. I don't think that was too smart.

Bariloche 038.JPG



The layout of the mountain was very confusing to me, especially because of the terrain closures and the difference between on and off piste. I had no idea what was allowed to ski or not. Everytime I got a bit lost I started following groups of locals, which at one point took me here:

Bariloche 047.JPG



You had to cross a stream in order to get to the base. That wasn't in my plans! Notice the amount of snow falling, though, it was beautiful. Since I had no choice I went ahead, but just to make it more complicated I thought it was a good idea to also film the crossing.


I almost slipped a couple of times, but made it across the stream safe. Here I am, happy to have got through.

Bariloche 067.JPG


Bariloche 069.JPG


It had been a long day, and my faithful companions needed a rest.

Bariloche 066.JPG


Day 4: It snowed hard all night but it stopped by the time I woke up. The city was blanketed in about 3-4 inches of snow.

Bariloche 072.JPG


Bariloche 073.JPG



The mountain looked like a frozen rain forest.

Bariloche 074.JPG



They mountain was still only partially open due to bad visibility and winds, but there was plenty of powder to be had. Most of the people skied on-piste, which left a lot of freshies around.

Bariloche 077.JPG


Bariloche 084.JPG


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Your TR takes me back to my time in Bariloche. I was one of those racers back then. We didn't have rain, but did have snow.


We started in BA with grilled meats at the restaurantes and ended our 3 week trip with an asado put on by our bus drivers. Thanks for refreshing the memories.

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Day 5: Finally, good visibility! Lots of wind-loaded powder everywhere, it was a fantastic day.

Bariloche 086.JPG


Bariloche 087.JPG


Bariloche 088.JPG



Even this dog wanted to join the powder fest. His trail could be seen for about half a mile, I had no idea how he had got to the far side of the mountain. Next time I saw him he was by the chair loading zone barking at the skiers.

Bariloche 089.JPG



More Thursday powder pics.

Bariloche 091.JPG


Bariloche 092.JPG


Bariloche 094.JPG


Bariloche 095.JPG


Bariloche 097.JPG


Bariloche 102.JPG


Bariloche 103.JPG


Bariloche 104.JPG


Bariloche 105.JPG


Bariloche 112.JPG


Bariloche 116.JPG


Day 6: I came down with a cold and ended up not going to the mountain. Turns out, it was the right move, as intense rain and winds completely shut down the mountain.

I used the day to walk around Bariloche. I discovered that in Argentina, Mr. Cock takes care of your kids, up to 8 years only.

Bariloche 122.JPG



Day 7: Still down with a cold I headed only for a half-day in the afternoon. The mountain had a layer of frozen rain on top of the crud so I just stuck to the groomers. It was quite windy at the top.

Bariloche 125.JPG



And so it ended. It was quite a fun week of skiing, hanging out with friends, eating tons of foods and sweets, and discovering southern hemisphere skiing. I hope I can do it again next year!

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