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What do I need to have for this:

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You need a "fast-clicking" DSLR... 6 frames/sec minimum I'd say based on this specific picture. A decent tripod and a photo editing software like photoshop. 

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The editing software was my main question. Are there options for doing this other than Photoshop? Do you need the full-blown version of Photoshop or is there a cheaper option?

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I did this with a free trial of a program called Acorn  


I'm sure it would have been easier with something like photoshop or even the full $50 version of Acorn, but hey... it was free and it worked!



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Don't buy anything! At least as far as software goes...


Download GIMP. It is almost equivalent to Photoshop CS and definitely more powerful than any other basic photo editing software. 


Here's how you'd do it:


Open GIMP>"file">"open as layers">"ctrl" or "command" (if on a Mac) click images> Erase starting with first layer 

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