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hey everyone

we are stoked to have joined the epic community as a new sponsor. it is a very cool community and we have been made very welcome esp by trekchik and adam the marketing legend. thanks to you both


anyway we are based in auckland nz, where there is no snow. lately it has been rain rain rain hence why the maori settlers called the country Aoteoroa- land of the long white coud.

having had a really busy week trying to get our international connectivity sorted so we can get a better delivery to the folks up in northern hemisphere plus managing the businesses and generally working way too much i decided to check the weather map.

lucky i did!

holy moly i spied a very rare dry friday afternoon - so i hit the road north to our beach house- grabbed the mountain bike and met some of the local crew out the forest for some outdoors exercsie

we rode hard out to the beach and wow- no cars, no phones, nothing but the noises of nature.

that burn out on the legs was as close to the skiing I will get for a while but heck it felt good- almost felt like i had been skiing.


now the big question tomorrow is -do i go to golf, or head out for a fish or another mtb session ...?

one thing will be sure to be away from the computer- ! unless it rains again

thanks for having us epic