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Why EpicSki forums are way better (and radder) than TGR?  

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I have been for quite a long time on both forums and I finally have to admit Epic is the way to go. It allows you to feel way cooler about your skis and doesn't make you buy new ones every season. And here is why.


After reading some recent recommend-me-a-powder-ski-threads I found out that Atomic Snoops, Dynastar 8800 and Kastle MX88 are western daily drivers if not powder skis.


Now I start believing that my 186 Lhasa's are BIG FAT POWDER SPECIFIC planks.

While after reading the TGR you'll know they are just skinny midget size ice piste carvers.



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Thank you but I feel both forums are great. You would be surprised how many Maggots are closet Bears under a different handle.  Deep down inside we are all skiers at heart. 


Epic is a Restaurant that serves drinks, TGR is a bar that serves food.


Even though I spend the majority of my time here, I go there at least every day. There is rarely a day that I don't ski with a Bear or a Maggot. BEing here in Tahoe now, I think there will be more Maggot days in my future.  

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They both have a place. EPIC is definetely a little more user friendly for new users. If I was looking for more conservative waisted ski, for hard/groomer days I would definetely come here. As well as if I needed any technical discussion on my form.

TGR is a bit more on the crass side, and I enjoy that as well. There are some amazing TR's over there, and the trade forums are second to none if you are trying to sell something for a reasonable price. Not to mention TONS of reviews on some pretty good fat ski's


If you play the TGR Vs. EPIC game then the only one that misses out is you. There is some good reading on both sites.

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Hey, boyz, I wasn't serious, really! ;)

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Oooo. You got'em hook line and sinker!

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in our humble opinion we have to say epicski is a much better all round site

way more friendly , organised commercially and generally a class above in terms of tone and manner.

still each has its place.

keep it up epic- and get the teeshirts printed with new motto !


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Like has been said, both have there strengths.


TGR has a better forum for trades/sales.


Epic has a better forum for ski technique/coaching


TGR has better ski reviews, especially for anything over 100+ mm.


In general, I would say the avg TGR CONTRIBUTING member is a better skier than the avg member of EPIC, Epic is more beginner friendly.


Epic has much better reviews on narrower skis.


Epic has better discussions about boots.


I love watching the TGR film segments.


I check both almost equally although I somewhat favor TGR.

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There should be a JONG equivalent on Gapic for the 3,457 "what ski should I buy" posts every season.


Or maybe a sticky offering guidance on;


"what ski should I buy, or,

where should I go in Utah (Colorado, etc), or,

what will the snow be like three months, four days and 6 hours from now on the south side of Stratton, or........


Well, on second thought, the Boot Fitters forum sticky doesn't seem to stop anyone from the same old, "what boot should I buy", so probably that won't work either.


Maybe the most precious words often seen on TGR, but rarely here are "SEARCH JONG!"


Anyway, there's typically good info on TGR, from folks who KNOW there stuff, unlike some of the Gapic blowhards who just use obnoxiousness to bully their point across (if it's decipherable). And the TR's are often really great. Finally, I've had more chuckles for some individual threads there than I've had in a season on Gapic, but there's a politeness on Gapic that's sometimes a relief from TGR.

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Originally Posted by Do Work View Post



TGR could outparty Epic. 

Maybe, but probably not if everyone had to use money they earned themselves and not given to them by mommy and daddy.

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Originally Posted by tmay11 View Post

Like has been said, both have there strengths.


That pretty much says it all... [/end thread]

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