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How many lessons have you purchased

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How many lessons have you paid for that were not part of a package, deal, or training program. Going with your Um, friend doesn't count either
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What is with the stopping at 20??

I have more than that in a SEASON....
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You are the true exception that proves almost every rule!
We all know you collect instruction (and instructors, it would appear) like paperclips.

I didn't want to call on your memory. I had thought the >> "very much greater" symbol might just provide a suitable designator for you.

But after my last attempt at this poll, I was just glad to get something up that works

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Well, I can see this poll is off to some abusive demographic data gathering.

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I LIKE collecting instructors [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

They are mostly young & cute & if you feed 'em right will do all sorts of stuff for you
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I pay for instruction at PSIA events. I've been doing this for 22 years. I've also done race camps. Was this what you had in mind, CalG? Hope so, or I skewed your results.

I've never bought a lesson from a ski school, however I have had many lessons/clinics through ski schools.

It's kind of hard to distinguish, because pros are the uber-consumers in skiing. I hazard to say that no group takes more lessons than pros except beginners.
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Bad person!

The question is simple.

You "paid for the lesson" to get the training.

The Poll says Not part of .... any training.

Jeesh! Can it be so hard?

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I paid for instruction. What's the diff?

Lessons are training are instruction in my mind.

I thought the key was the transaction.

Pardonnez moi!
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Can anyone guess the motive of this poll?

To see what "percentage" of "walkins" become enthusiast. (via ski school instruction)

At least in our limited slice of the continuum.


[ November 25, 2002, 01:47 PM: Message edited by: CalG ]
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Like Nolo (but in different ways), I may have skewed your poll as well.

I've paid for training on many occasions, but I can't recall ever paying for skiing lessons. By that, I mean that I've purchased race coaching, but not "ski lessons". It may be semantics, but I'm not buying lessons from what most people would call a traditional instructor.

I think your intent was to try to get a feel for what percentage of people become longtime ski school customers. I don't know if I am or am not, based on your definition.

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If you have not gone to the ticket window or ski school desk, purchased a "lesson", and then taken "the lesson", you should check "less than five". under your appropriate skier classification.

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Everytime I read one of these threads concerning whether people take lessons or not and why, I'm puzzled by my own situation. I didn't start skiing until I was 20. My first ski trip was a week at Killington where I took a half-day morning group lesson every day. The lesson was fine, the instructor was good and it got me on the mountain. Over the next 20 years, I've never taken another lesson. But, for the life of me, I can't tell you why. It's not the money, nor a bad experience. In other sports (tennis, golf, etc.), I take lessons regularly. For some reason, though, when I go to a mountain to ski it just doesn't even enter the mind set to have a lesson. I have a great time skiing, even though I know I could use improvement. This forum has greatly opened up my understanding of the ski lesson and its benefits. In fact, I'll be taking my first lesson in 20 years this winter. So, perhaps the problems isn't bad instructors or ski school policies (although I'm sure both play a role) but, instead, a lack of education on the part of the consumer (me).
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i've paid for only 2 or 3 "lessons" (hence the "less than 5" vote) but i've participated in specialty training camps, e.g. mogul/freestyle.

ski school needs to offer more specialized lessons for advanced-expert skiers. for instance, i would take jibbing lessons in a heartbeat.

on a related note, why has ski school totally ignored the "newschool" phenomenon?? imagine the potential exposure (and profits) for the resort from getting local park studs to teach young jibbers. i guess it's probably an insurance thing...damn beancounters.
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Before you float a poll or an exam question you put it through "peer review" to sort the bugs out.

Perhaps, start the question .... "for non-industry pros" .... that way you weed out all the shop techs, instructors and associated types.

The other "first thing" to do, is to see if your little "research universe" is representative of the target population. Are the users of EpicSki representative of skiers in general or "at large"? Probably not! The users of this forum are probably a bit more dedicated and prone to buy more, take more lessons ..... or are in the industry. This is a basic sampling error problem. The only way to mute this problem is to expand the "universe" or change the collection point, perhaps collecting data at the ticket window or when booking reservations.

Destination resort versus feeder area would be another variable.
Most of our customers who are in the Methodist Choir group or the "weekend outa' the city for a romantic interlude" will never be back for a second shot. Populations within populations are a problem if you sample during the wrong period or only in a single period.

Once you conrol for as much "static" as you can, you can also increase the validity by increasing the sample size. The problem here is that you will never get any kind of numbers (at Epic) tht are in any way representative. Heck, one log in from our very own "disski" from Oz would skew the numbers. That woman takes a lesson-a-day whether she needs it or not. She IS a professional lesson taker.

It's a rare person who can ask a simple question and get the data they want with minimal "static". That's why you pass it around in the lunch room. That's us! [img]smile.gif[/img]

Sorry ..... probably more than needed .... but I feel better! :

[ November 25, 2002, 05:07 PM: Message edited by: yuki ]
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Originally posted by disski:
What is with the stopping at 20??

I have more than that in a SEASON....
Me too! Depending on how you quantify lessons (day, half day, hours) makes a difference too. I have had about 200 hours of instruction this year alone in 77 days of skiing. Since I started in '95 I must have had somewhere around 500 hours.

Maybe it's something in the Oz water disski! More likely it has something to do with the more (ahem) mature skier and a reluctance to take the anything goes, slide down the mountain approach.
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gearathlete & disski:

With all due respect of course. Some of us just don't need THAT much instruction. We tend to listen to the instructor and get it right the first time.

Something to do with being south of the equator perhaps?

I do sense something operating here. Seems the Brits are readers. Tend to be detail oriented but mostly from the text. Perhaps the Aussies are more social and will tend to utilize more one on one or group contact?
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Originally posted by yuki:
She IS a professional lesson taker.

Hey I resemble that remark! [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Re the Oz connection - mature skiers & CRAPPY conditions - we have no desire to receive an acquired brain deficit while negotiating rocks on Oz ice.

(Or in my case a simple necessity - I needed someone to be my feedback until I learnt HOW to move/stand/balance etc.... Now I'm simply addicted to skiing with instructors - or more specifically to making BIG gains in my skiing each season - Oh HOW to give that up... do I WANT TO??? Naaaaahhhhhh)
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Oh BTW - I think you'll find that gerathlete has a fair number of those lessons as part of a Masters Program - if you are biased against race clinics how do you feel about other program lessons?
Where do you draw the line?
Are ski improvement programs counted? etc etc etc
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Oh & Yuki - I ALWAYS need lessons - I will cease to need lessons when I can outski ALL of the ski school(ANY ski school) on ANY terrain....
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Originally posted by yuki:
Perhaps the Aussies are more social and will tend to utilize more one on one or group contact?
Actually you may find we are simply more used to having INSTRUCTORS(teachers) for sports. All primary schools go to swimming lessons with special swimming teachers - then there are the regular school sports things & the proliferation of outdoor ed instructors at high schools :
As a total gumby it drove me MAD - for goodness sakes send me back to maths class please!

Local little aths & footy & netball etc.

Per capita we seem to invest a lot on this stuff.
By adulthood few participate so we are catching Americans on fatness fast - but we are quite used to having the specialist instructor turn up for lessons. Also snow is a NOVELTY for most of the population.
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Oh, never against lessons, I take an optional clinc just about every weekend. At this point just about all of our family lesson budget will be directed toward Yuki Jr.'s programs. He's turning 13 and will be attending more and more. We are looking at the "alternate education programs" where the junior student leaves his home school district and attends a prepratory school with an emphasis on racing. They offer a two week pre-Christmas program ..... very attractive! [img]smile.gif[/img]

This will have been his fourth season on skis and I have never given him a lesson, it's all been farmed out. He is doing too well for me to foul the pond so I keep him far away from me regarding technique.
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I certainly do understand that this sample group is it's own "slice of the continuum"( did I already say that?). No attempt is made to provide a "typical skier" sample. Lets "profile ourselves! Demographics?!


What I have sensed, is there is a big disconnect between "taking lessons", and the continuing education of enthusiasts.
(The better you get, the better IT gets)

I have a side bet that says MOSTt of the pro skiers have NOT had many "typical lessons". Some other path was instrumental in each persons development. Perhaps I am wrong. Hence the poll.

I love to ski! I have taken less than 5 "lessons" and wouldn't buy one "unless you paid me". Why? I don't "trust" that I will get anything out of it.

The real driving force?

My two youngest children 10yr and a rider, 12 yr and on two boards, signed up for "winter sports" through the school.

I callenged each to take advantage of the 4 "lessons" that are part of the program. Each stated strongly.

NO Way! A big WASTE OF TIME!. The young rider lamented that "They" couldn't take him into the park. NO FUN!

What is a dad to do? I feel the same.

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Pretty low response rate from Professionals.

Is that saying something or perhaps it is the busy season?

It may snow 15cm here tonight and tomrrow


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What about this survey that is distressing?

I have tried to make the motive clear.

I hadn't thought this topic would be polarizing.

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Cal - one of my home hills runs a specific freestyle & air season clinic with the kids that age. They learn from national hotshots...

ALL my instructors INSIST on taking ME into park & I don't wanna know about skis off snow if I can possibly avoid it... What gives here why won't they take yours?
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They would go for that in a heart beat!

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OK - send them here next summer with Keetov [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Like a lot of British recreational skiers my skiing comes in week-long 'lumps' plus the odd weekend break. Whenever I go for a week, I pre-book a set of lessons. So 5 times so far I have 'bought' a set of 12-20 hours of group lessons. Is that 5 times or 20 times I've bought instruction?

This year for the first time we're trying a private instructor. I've booked him for 12 hours over 3 days. Is that 1 booking or 3?

I'm a lesson junkie I think...
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Nah - your on your way - but not there yet.....

Have you got an instructor organised?
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Junkie status = ring in May & book 30 lessons for June-Oct
AT 2 separate ski schools

Take lessons when ski school desk staff ring to tell you that you can't possibly have a lesson as only beginner terrain is open & the computer insists you are an advanced skier

Have lessons in ALL weather

Take lessons when the ski school has packed up for the season & you have to ring your instructor to organise them & then you have to organise the skin hire for the pair of you & then HIKE....

I need SERIOUS help here!
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