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What about booster straps?

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Are Booster straps a help or a hindrance? I know many who swear by them, including my husband, but I don't use them myself. It would be nice to know the pros and cons of this popular accessory that is felt by many to enhance their performance.
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Does he have skinny legs?

I've never understood the need for a booster strap beyond the ones provided on the boots. But maybe that's a factor of boot design?
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I'm a fan. I've used a booster for a few years and I run it under my shell, holding the liner tight.

I don't use it in addition to the stock strap, as kneal mentioned, but instead of the stock strap. The flex of the booster seems easier on the shins. You can run it tight to have a great feeling of center cuff, but it seems more friendly due to the elastic.

Putting it inside the shell also allows a solid center cuff feel without having to run the buckles as tight.

As you can tell, I'm a big proponent of goof cuff fit. I feel it helps narrow the range of for/aft balance adjustments.

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Hi nolo-
Just wanted to mention that to me, it's a matter of what performance I want out of my boots. If I'm looking for max perf, I will tighten my power straps, if not, I'll leave them loose.

Power straps (boosters) can really affect the fore/aft flex of a boot, probably more than most would realize!

For the average recreational skier, I'd suggest not using more than the boot comes with.

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His lower legs are pretty skinny. He tore his Achilles a few years ago, which seems to have lifted the gastroc up his leg a couple of inches, making the in-boot part of his leg take up even less volume on the one side.
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I have been using Booster straps for two years. I find them infinately adjustable, as long as they have an anchor point, ie, nut and screw securing it in one spot on the rear of the boot cuff. I like them!
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My husband has used them for a year now and loves them. (They're on my Christmas List). It seems like an excellent compromise - it keeps the cuff tight, but in the event of a hard jolt, flexes so you don't wind up with bruises on your shins. Makes me wonder why none of the boot manufacturers use this concept?
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The new Nordica Beast and Wave series boots come with the Booster brand strap.
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nolo, I have them but don't use them anymore. I use the regular power strap on my boot but put it around the liner instead of the shell in the front of the boot. I like the feel and I do have thin lower legs. (call the sheriff, someone rustled his calves)
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Thin is a better word, Lucky. What caused you to stop using them?
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Hey nolo,

Just a quickie,

They are meant to go under the shell and just wrap around the front of the bladder and outside the shell in the back. The idea is that you will always have "shintoungcontact". Usually that is three words but in skiing it is an all together new word. Someone should tell Webster’s.

Anyway the difference between boosters and Power straps is the elastic. The elastic allows for a bit more ankle flex maybe progressive flex is a better description. I use them. I like them. I say it helps you flex progressively into the flex of the shell.

One boot fit tip is taking a piece of dense eva foam, and gluing it to the tongue of the boot so that when you are in the boot there is no space between the tongue and the shell. Those spaces can really mess stuff up.
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What the devil is "dense EVA foam" and where can I find some?
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From the Booster Strap web site:

The BOOSTER wraps like a big rubber band around the boot top and your lower leg. It removes all that extra space without having to over tighten the buckles. You'll get a quicker start to your turn and more rebound from The BOOSTER Strap. By using specially woven elastic webbing the BOOSTER creates an elastic bond between your leg and your boot. Prestretching the BOOSTER allows you to control the response of your skis.

The BOOSTER Makes Your Boots Fit Better
Any comments on the statements in the company promo, considering the source, of course?
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I've used them for two years. Wouldn't want to go back to a non elastic strap. Snuggness with give. Under the shell is where they seem to be most effective.

Nolo, I don't know about starting the turn faster, but there can be some reboud effect. That's certainly not the point for me though. Some movement with contact as opposed to some movement before contact. Maybe a small difference, but I like it.
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Take the booster strap and loop it through the top buckles to make a nice carrying handle for your boots!
They also help my boot's fit too.
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When I had my boots fit this year the fitter put a booster strap on before I gave it much thought. I probably would have said no, but his point about reduced shin bang interested me (though I haven't bruised my shins since I was a teenager) with lots of screws in my legs I gave it a try.

Since I didn't ski the boots with the factory power straps please realize that some of my conclusions may be faulty. I had the forward lean reduced by removing spacers at the back of the liner. The booster strap helps to reduce the extra volume created. It also seems to have softened the boot (I say this because the comp 130 with the booster strap is the softest lange I have skiied in years.) The big bonus is that the boot now has a smooth flex without running into a wall. At 165 pounds with the straps I never feal the end of the flexing movement. This has allowed me to more accurately pressure and lever the ski.

I have thought about putting the factory power strap back on for comparison but have been lazy and not done it yet. I will try to this week and then post the results.
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Thank you, Tom. Your comparison will be very helpful.

I've tried the Boosters, but they ride up my leg after a couple of runs without me being aware of it until I return to the locker room on a break. I don't seem to have enough liner sticking up out of the shell in proportion to the width of the strap to keep them anchored. I use the power strap loosely.

I have concluded that this is a product that was not designed for me, but may be of assistance to others. If I don't use them, students will question why they should use them. Since my experience with the product has been suboptimal, I rely on you folks to explain the indications for using this product and to give me the straight talk that I can pass along to students.

Many thanks for the help offered.
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Hey, Nolo, did your hubby tear one of the Achilles cords and then let it heal without intervention?

My Achilles that was reattached surgically is WAY thicker than the uninjured one. That and the fat ankle from half a year in casts and braces (and, no doubt, from age-induced slow recovery, kind of like the brown spots, eh?) made me go up a size in boots. Makes the fit for the other foot fun.
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Yes, Kneale, he chose to cowboy up.
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This will be my third year with booster strasps. I really like them. I took the original power strap off my boots and replaced it with the booster strap. I like the flex one can get from their boot while the buckles are clamped to the max.

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nolo, the reason I quit using the booster strap was because I was to busy/lazy to take the factory strap off and attach the booster to the back of the shell. I will give it a go this season.
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Let us know if it works. Maybe I'll bug the company about putting out a youth model for us youthful women.
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