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Yes but us guys are expected never to discuss such things as love and romance and all that foofoo stuff...

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On the other hand, my wife skied until we got married (once I was on the hook, she was done). Ditto for the rest, although for the past 17 years or so, it hasn't exactly been cheaper to ski - I like company, so I grew two ski buddies (now 21 and 17).


LOL, I have one of them to. She's 21 & away at school during the winter, she hasn't skied in 2 years. I was looking forward to her being my ski buddy because she skis on the same level as me. At her age though she doesn't want to be caught dead hangin with dad.


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I guess I should have made my previous post a little more clear.  I was saying, "well, I broke up with a girl because....", but yes, I agree, I would not divorce a woman over such things.  It's worth breaking up with someone over, not divorcing.

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