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Critique my 2011 Trip

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For some reason there are dirt cheap fairs from Philly to Calgary ($300) right now.  So I have decided it is the time to explore eastern BC and Alberta


I am planning 4 days of skiing and planning on the following route.  

2 Days at Revelstoke

1 Day at Kicking Horse

1 Day at Lake Louise 


I like powder skiing and hitting the trees.  


Should I swap any resorts out for another?  Is the extra drive to revelstoke worth it?


Thanks in advance.



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Check snow conditions before you go, because those places can have large differences in their ski conditions. It seems like a lot of driving, but IMO Revelstoke is worth it. Lake Louise gets the weekend crowds and day skiers from Calgary, and the other two do not, but depending on conditions, you may want to ski Lake Louise and Sunshine.  You can leave Calgary in the morning and still hit half day skiing at Kicking Horse. 


My suggestion would be to ski KH the first day or day and a half, then after skiing drive over to Reve for two days.  After your second day of skiing at Reve drive back over to Golden and ski KH the last day.  If it dumps big they often close Rogers Pass, so you want to be on the east (KH) side the last day to make sure you catch your return flight if it looks like it is going to storm.  That will break up the driving the best, and give you the shortest drive back to Calgary the last day, unless you hit LL on the way back.


FYI, you change time zones and gain/lose an hour going over the Pass between KH and Rev.  They are all great areas, so you really can't go wrong, but you may find the best snow and fewest people at Revelstoke.

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You should try to expand that trip out to at least a week if you're coming from that far.  That gives you the option to go south from Calgary to Castle and Fernie.  From Fernie you continue on a loop up Hwy 93/95 to either Lake Louise or Kicking Horse (and right by Panorama).  FYI I'd be more worried about KH than Lake Louise on a busy weekend because the KH gondola can run a big line with only a modest crowd.  All of my KH days have been midweek, but the locals say it can be up to 45 minute line at the gondola.  Revelstoke is remote enough not to have lines.


All of these areas are favored by La Nina, so  it's a reasonable speculation to grab that cheap airfare for the upcoming season.  But you really need more than 4 days, especially if you're never been there before.  All of these place are big enough to warrant multiple days of skiing when conditions are good.  I have been skiing interior B.C regularly since 1997.  I started these trips at a week, bumped it up to 10 days in 2007 and 2 weeks last year.

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What Tony said.  Where is the drive time here?  Is it being subtracted from the shown ski time or in addition to? You've got like a glancing blow at each place, hardly time to find what you like and then you're off to the next place.  Unless your abilities are really limited and you can only ski beginner trails or something, I'd think there's a ton of terrain to keep you busy just at Lake Louise for way more than one day. 

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Rent an RV and just go wherever it's going off!

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Thanks for the great advice.  Unfortunately the boss will not go for an extended stay without taking my son's with me.  I might switch to a 2 days at KH and 2 days at Revelstoke. 


Thanks Again


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