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Where's the Mark Posts Read button

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Suddenly disappeared! 


Suddenly there were new "subscriptions" icons and my favorite Mark Posts Read disappeared.

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I noticed that too. At this point I'm not sure if we've had more helmet threads or graphics changes in the last year?

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Well, it's one thing to change graphics, it's another thing entirely to remove functionality!

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Figured it out.


Go to the "Forum" page here http://www.epicski.com/forum/ and scroll down some.  Click on "Mark Forums Read."


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Maybe they're working on improving it to support the ability to see only posts not marked as read


Or maybe they realized it doesn't provide much benefit as is, so they got rid of it

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We just had a new release installed that affects subscriptions:


Dedicated Subscriptions page

  • This new page has two tabs - an activity tab and an edit tab.  The Activity tab mirrors the existing activity stream view into a user's subscriptions.  The Editing tab helps bring this powerful functionality into the forefront to help users discover how to make subscriptions work best for them.
  • This page will be linked in the main site header below the private message count as well as in the Forum Nav at the top and bottom of forum and thread pages.
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I'm on the New Posts page.  That's where it's missing.  I shouldn't have to hunt around for the thing.

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Here's where it is on the New Posts page.

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So I can't use "Classic".

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After switching to Classic view, I see what you mean. I'll ask about it.

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I've tried using that button by switching to the new view and it doesn't immediately work like it used to in Classic view.  You have to do a screen refresh.  I don't know how it used to work since I never use the Activity Feed view, but it's not working the way the button in Classic View was working. 

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sibhusky, that's been the way it's worked from the beginning.  I have been using the activity feed for months, and numerous times have suggested they fix that.  I've been told it was something they were looking in to.  Definitely need a refresh.


All in all I still think vbulletin is better software for forums, and I've not been one to resist this change over.  Little by little they're getting Huddler to work like it, kind of reinventing the wheel.  Of course the other features are what they're about, and I for one don't care at all about the product integration aspect.


If it helps to support the site without taking away from what we have in terms of community - then reinvent away!

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Is anyone working on this?  It's driving me nuts!

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My apologies, sibhusky, for leaving you hanging. I haven't heard back about progress on this issue, but I will let you know asap when I do. 

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I see they've been able to put "Featured Content" above the stuff we've subscribed to (as if THAT is more important to us) on the HOME page, but they still haven't fixed what they broke on the last "improvement". 


I still use the Classic New Posts page and would like my Mark Forums Read button back, please!

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If we can have a Mark Forums Read Button here:


Mark Forums Read.png



And here:


Mark Forums Read 2.png



Why can't we have one here?


Why Not Here.dib


I like the "All New Posts" feature but then have to go to another location to mark the posts read and I wanted to make sure you put it in the right spot


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Okay, we have this fix in the queue now. My apologies for letting this fall through the cracks.  

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I'm sorry about this, sibhusky. The ticket on this has been revived and is on the docket. From Cristina:



I'm sorry about that!  Definitely an annoying inconsistency across the activity stream version and the classic version.  I'll work with the team to get this in ASAP.
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