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Good All Mountain Skis

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I'm am an intermediate skier that wants to buy a new pare of All mountain skis. I've been looking at many differet brands including hart which I have taken much interest in. I've been looking at their all mountain pheonix skis. I am a level 6 skier and am still learning how to get a good carving motion down. Any advice would be really helpful thanks.

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Do you plan to spend more time on groomed snow, hardpack and ice? Or do you plan to spend more time on powder? Which do you care more about?


The "in 30 seconds" version is that a key is how wide the ski is at its waist. In the 70s = carving-oriented, not as good in powder. In the 80s = it's meant to do fine in both powder and carving. In the 90s and greater = it's more about powder.


These are generalities ... lots of people happily use skis in the 70s in powder and skis in the 90s and beyond on groomed snow depending on the ski and personal preference.


The reason is that a narrow ski is quicker edge to edge (transitioning from one edge biting into the snow to the other biting into the snow when initiating a turn). A wider ski has less weight on it per cubic inch, so it's more likely to float above powder, which uses less energy than blasting through beneath powder or leaning back to get your tips to rise above powder.


There are a lot of other factors, but that's a basic that may help you narrow things down.

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Although width is important and part of the equation, it should be considered as an ingredient rather than the whole recipe. It is very possible to have skis with practically identical widths yet very different terrain capabilities.


For example, here are some skis with 84-85mm waist widths yet pretty different personalities.


Fischer Watea 84: Medium soft, great in soft snow and bumps, challenged by really hard snow.

Volkl AC-50: Very stiff, great on hard snow, not much use in soft snow or bumps.

Dynastar Sultan 85: Medium stiff, a "tweener" between the other two.


So.....as suggested above, know your priorities.



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I recently asked for the same advice.  Check out the thread and listen to S.Jim, he knows what he is talking about: http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/94670/looking-for-advice-on-an-all-mountain-skis-for-a-beginner-intermediate-skier/30#post_1240748


Good luck on your search.

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