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Community Service Project!

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Hey everyone I know I have been gone for a while but I am back! I feel a little bad asking for help in my first post in over a year but the help will hopefully be befitting the community so...


 I am now a junior at the Air Force Academy and as a requirement for one of our classes we have to plan a community service project. Not something like just going to the animal rescue ad volunteering for a day but something that actually takes some planning and leadership. Given this my partner and I both love winter sports and would like to try and put on an early season ski clinic for kids. The time frame would be late Oct. early Nov. to clarify.


Since epic ski has put on many highly successful academies/clinics and many of the members are associated with ski industry in Colorado, this was the first place I thought of to turn to for help. Any advice is greatly appreciated and if anyone could provide some contact info with either A-basin or Loveland for who I should talk to about this that would be great.


As a side note the first order of business for us is to find an organization  through whom to coordinate the event with.   


Thanks again in advance for anything you can do to help,


Cadet Second Class Jacob Krasnov

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Even if all you can do is point me in the right direction of who to contact at Abasin about this it would be greatly appreciated 

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Contact SkierGirl777.  She was part of this non-profit teach underprivilaged kids to ski program last year in California called Ski Jamin.  She might have some ideas for you as far as rounding up some instructors, or getting local shops to donate rental equipment, getting a local mountain to host etc.




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