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2011 set

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im planning to get brand new set, 2011 but still im not sure which is the perfect set...


in my mind...;


armada JJ 2011 

Armada T-hall 2011

Salomon suspect

K2 Hellbent



Krypton Il Moro & Il Moro I.D.

salomon ghost


im 70.9" and 149.6 lbs

please make me any recommendation including size!

thank you

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where do you ski???? what kind of skier are you??? how much are you going to want to spend???

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o ski on mountain: Brezovica and im intermmediate-advanced skier,

about spending,,, up to 1K

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Buy the boots that the best bootfitter you can find tells you to buy.  Don't buy off cool graphics or reputation.  Fit and target performance is most important.

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