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Catskill Skiing Question

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Alright so the background story:

We have aski trip planned for those of us who graduated last spring from highschool.  We are planning to head up to Windham Mt for a few days and to Hunter Mt for a few more.


We are planning to go between January 3, 2011 and January 6, 2011.  Dates are not subject to too much change due to college schedules and other conflicts.  Any ideas if these dates would have enough snow or would it be too early in the season? Would Christmas crowds still be an issue? Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

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Excellent time to going skiing.  Even if mother nature does not help out with snow Hunter and Windham will have made enough snow to cover the entire mountain.  You should have a great time.


This place may have some good deals on mid week  room including lift ticket



Also check out the big lift card at Hunter Mtn, which should save you money skiing at Hunter.



Its a great time to go skiing in the east.  Its early in the season and if conditions are right the ski areas will be making deep man made powder on sections of the mountain for the folks that like that sort of thing.  Check the snow conditions reports at the mountain to find out what trails they are making snow on.


If you have folks that can ski groomed single black diamonds,  Hunter is awesome because it has a lot of these trails. Windham and Belleayre have a higher percentage of intermediate trails.   If you have folks that like moguls and you don't find any at Hunter and Windham than give Belleayre a try.  Belleayre is not that far away. You may get lucky and Belleayre may have made fresh man made snow the night before on some of their mogul trails.  You may get real lucky and Hunter is making tons of snow on the Hunter west side and you could have deep man made powder there, which would be awesome.  


Great time to ski in the Catskills.

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Agree with Catskills. Those are good choices for what you are planning. Both places should have moderate to zero crowds after New Year's weekend. Also, both are known for great snowmaking and will be in comparatively good shape for that time of the season. Windham's got more slopeside accommodations, Hunter's got a little better advanced terrain. Trip report from a couple years ago: http://www.dcski.com/articles/view_article.php?article_id=1184&mode=rss

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Thanks for the GREAT information guys! Seeing as I am the only experienced skier in the bunch along with 2 cross country skiers and 9 first timers I felt Windham would be a great place for them to learn! We are still deciding on room accommodations but are going to book once everyone is sure they can get the dates set. We figured we would take 2 days at Windham for them to learn and all and the next 2 at Hunter for a different experience. My past 2 trips to Windham were amazing and very friendly so that influenced my decision on the Cats along with the semi-short 4 hour drive. As we all come from Long Island and will be home from college during the holidays, we are hoping to carpool in 2-3 SUVs to save gas and cash.  We are also stocking up on food to save expenses in town.


Any idea where the Point Lookout Inn is in relevance to both mountains? And has anyone ever stayed there?


And if we decide to stay at the Hunter Inn, can we book 3 rooms, 4 people per room, for 4 nights (2 ski package nights AND 2 regular night)?

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