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I'm a convert...

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I’m a convert, all you bootfitters are right when you say “Go see a certified bootfitter.  It’s worth your time and money.”

I made the 484 mile (round trip) pilgrimage to see Jon Doyle at Snowcrest Ski Center in Crestwood, Illinois yesterday to get properly fitted for custom footbeds and ski boots.  Honestly, I had a few second thoughts as I cruised through eastern Illinois on I-80 on my way to Crestwood, “Was it worth a day off from work?  And the $$$’s?”  But I was committed and interested to find out what properly fitted ski boots felt like.


I want to publicly thank Jon for his skill and knowledge in fitting me with ski boots.  Jon Doyle is a great guy and a great bootfitter.  He is very easy to work with and very good at his job.  Jon did a super job in setting me up with custom footbeds and a pair of 27.5 Nordica Speedmachine 110 boots.  I found out my feet are a little wider than average and I have a higher than average instep.  Jon had me try on Salomon, Technica, and Nordica boots.  The Nordica boots felt the best and by best I mean the snuggest, especially in the heel.   I would describe the feel as like a snug glove, no pain, just a nice even pressure all around my foot and ankle. 


Recall that my old boots are 28.5 Head Edge 8+.  I believe one bootfitter on here described the Head Edge boots as being big enough to fit his head in one.   Today, I tried on one of the old boots and one of the new boots at the same time (left foot Nordica, right foot Head Edge).  There is no comparison as to the fit and feel.  Afterwards I pulled two off the shelf footbeds out of the Head boots.  I’d forgotten that I had stacked a couple footbeds in the Head boots last Spring Break, attempting to get a snugger fit.


Was going to a bootfitter worth the time and expense?  Yes, most definitely.  I believe I got what I wanted and needed for my time and money.  I can’t help but believe my skiing will be more enjoyable and possibly improved.  Anyone in the Midwest contemplating getting new ski boots should go see Jon at Snowcrest, he’s a great guy to work with.  I know I'll be back if I need any work done on my boots or my kids boots.

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Thanks for the kind words Mike, I had fun talking skiing (and other things) with you during your visit. I look forward to meeting the rest of your family.



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Over a week gone by and not one "I told you so." - I'm soooo disappointed. 

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