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I've used the search feature, but not quite finding the answers I'm looking for.   We are planning a vacation with our kids in their 20's for late February for a week. We would like to avoid renting a car and don't want to change accomodations.  The object of the vacation is to RELAX.  Restaurants and night life not important. If there is one bar in town they'll be fine. 


Why Utah? - none of us have ever been there, easy to get to from our location on the east coast, no long transfer time to resort, guaranteed snow.  Tahoe was also a consideration for the same reason (just not sure about guaranteed snow).  But both Tahoe and Utah seem to have soooo many options, I'm getting overwhelmed with the choices.


Skiing ability - Our last vacation was at Telluride. Husband expert, me easy blues (but I love the challenge), the "adult children" are essentially beginners who will be taking lessons here this winter, but will still need more lessons when getting to whereever it is we are going.


Accomodations - would like VERY easy access to lifts/trails.  I find a mixed group on vacation finds harmony when access and accomodations are easy for each of us to come and go as we please when we please.  Now that the children are grown, gone are the days of family vacations when everything must be done as a group. 


Any possible means of saving cash without sacrificing harmony a plus.  Your thoughts? 

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Park City is where you would want to be. There are three resorts there, with plenty of skiing and lodging options. 

What questions do you have with no answers? My Wik, linki below, has some SLC info, but is geared to Snowbird. You could stay at any of the three and ski all three PC resorts and enjoy the town.  It is cheaper to stay in Salt Lake City or suburbs, many SLC do, but then you have to schlep back and forth to the resorts each day, but on the other hand, you will pay a price for staying close to the lifts. 

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Beginner terrain is sort of limited in UT. So I would say Deer Valley or Alta. Those are your two best choices for where beginners should spend most time.  


Pick Alta, simply because the snow will be better, the scenery also better, and your hubby can take a day and ski snowbird which is will appeal to an expert skier. The also have plenty of mellow off un-groomed blue runs to challenge yourself.


Pick Deer Valley because they have better more plentiful green and easy blue terrain. Better food options than Alta. You stay a a bit lower elevation which might make a difference to you coming form near sea level. Also, there is more to do in Park City other than skiing. And there are two other resorts right next door -- via shuttle PCMR and the Canyons.


The basic script for UT on the cheap is: Stay in the valley. Rent a car per ski group. Drive to any of 13 ski areas that appeal to each group. Ski as long as you want. Drive back to the lodgings, regroup, and apreski.

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I agree with Park City. You can take a private shuttle from airport over and once you are there the free bus transportation will take you to the resorts.  Just did PC last year and stayed at the Marriott. The bus literally stopped outside our door (which was great to for the Canyons). They also offer free shuttle to the other two resorts.


This year going to try Tahoe

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-Agree PC is a fine choice for close proximity to three resorts and very entertaining town/nightlife. 

-Alta has a reputation for world class expert terrain, but it also has nice gentle runs for beginners and intermediates, although not as many choices in that category as the PC resorts.  Staying for a week in one of the rustic Alta lodges on their meal plan is known to be a fabulous stress reducer.

-Solitude, very powerful testimony to low stress/high convenience/great skiing at Solitude in post number 41 of this thread:


-Believe all these places can be reached from airport by shuttle for about $125-150 each way for a group of four, about the same as a car rental.

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