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Reusing bindings

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I'm planning on buying two pair of new skis, same brand and model as some I already have, and I'm sitting here looking all that investment leaning against the wall. I've never reused bindings and doubt I would considering the high regard I have for my knees but I wonder what the general wisdom is on reusing bindings. I have to admitt, I have 150 days plus on all my skis so the answer is pretty easy for me but does anyone have a techincal response about when bindings are worn out?

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Nothing wrong with flipping bindings.  Most dont because then you will have vritually no resale value on the old skis....but 150 days is long way from worn out.


If you go to a good shop they can usually calibrate test them to ensure they are still in range...after 1 year they should be.  Also they can replace the teflon pad it if is worn out and relube them....the whole thing should cost no more then $30.

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Thanks, Skidude. I admit I'm a little surprised.

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