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ski resort bansko

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this is a great ski resort in bulgaria.i know this is an american forum but if anybody is in europe looking to ski this is a great friendly place.


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I have been looking for somewhere other than the alps to ski and have been really curious to know what the off piste skiing is like in bulgaria as it isnt really mentioned any where but there must be some,have you skied there and whats it like.I ski places out pretty quick so I would be unsure wether to book to a place that is such a limited area as in pistes unless it has some good off piste to play in as well. 

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There is some excellent off piste, a lot of the locals stay on piste and the tourists are mostly beginners and intermediate so fresh tracks are easy to find. It is getting busier though - last season we noticed a lot more people off piste although it is is still nothing like France yet! You can go to the small resort next door and ski off-piste back to Bansko with only 3 hikes, it'll be empty although you'll definitely need a guide.

There's also a lot of easy access off piste all around the resort so you won't get bored.

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^^^ Yep, the place is great and the restaurants in town are fantastic...

There are also  a WC races held there..

This is where Lindsay Vonn won SG in 2009.. 

The resort probably has easy 4000 vertical, if not more...

Here is the vid, if anyone interested:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaTzZ9IG5Tk&feature=fvsr

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