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Skiing apps for Android?

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I just got a Droid 2, just wondering what the most accurate skiing app is, i would prefer it to be free but ill pay if i have to. Also it must have a database of the smaller ski resorts in the u.s. Im mostly interested in recording speeds, i really dont go by trail maps so i dont really need them.

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Just got one myself.....  SATSKI seems to be a favorite of many, but haven't tried it yet.....

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A friend recommended google mytracks to me, it doesnt have trail maps but will track your lines record speeds ect. I'll check out satski thanks for the tip. Good luck with the new phone, i havnt used a tenth of whats availible on mine lol.

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ski eagle or my tracks

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I would recommend this app called BerrySki . I think they changed their name this year. I've been using it since the time it was blackberry only.

I switched to 'HTC Incredible'  this year and got their Android version. It actually shows the speeds on each individual trail which I find very helpful so that I can train on trails where I am slower.

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9 bucks for five mountains? Hmm, i think ill stick with mytracks and label each track.

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I used my tracks yesterday to check it out.  I walked 1 mile on a major street to pick up my truck at the shop.  While the speed might be accurate, I looked at the elevation at that was way off. It showed that my 1 mile walk on a fairly straight grade showed that my elevation changed by 100'.


Not sure why it was off so much but heh it is a free app.


I plan on getting satski once I hit the big resort.

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Check out Compowdre. It's new this season and lets you track not only your speed/elevation etc, but it also knows what trails you've been down. 


It then aggregates this feed of run information to give you a read-out of the busiest/quietest runs at a resort, who is the most active user. 


Plus it's FREE!



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this year I am trying Phresheez.  It enable posting to facebook and the analytics are slightly better. Your first 2 hours are free without a paid version.

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I tried Skitracks last week and it had some interesting features.


Dear Whistler - please either fix that nonsense known as Whistler Live or delete it - pitiful is the response from everyone who's tried it, although my big head bud was quite pleased it showed him doing 127mph (YES, MPH) on one run rolleyes.gif

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I used My Tracks for Android to track the runs (and biking trails) in Whistler. It's free and does what it does well.

you can see the webpage I put together with the data here


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Reopening this thread. Just got a Droid and want to download a nice ski app (even if i have to pay for it). Any suggestions?
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Alpine replay works well for me, even if most of the areas I ski are not yet mapped it is interesting to see a run by run map of your day overlayed on google maps.


But the really useful stuff is the inclinometer for bragging rights and avalanche assessment


Plus whatever works for you for weather and avalanche reports before you leave.

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Ski Buddy  is a different kind of ski app which gives you your speed, distance traveled, altitude, etc in real time as you ski by speaking it thru your earphones. If you are looking for an app that gives your info as you ski rather than recording it for later viewing, give it a try. It is free.

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