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Intuition Freeride liners

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I ordered these for myself and godivas for the wife. They arrived last night. Cash money!


Premolding makes them fit into the boots alot better out of the box. They seem higher volume and more comfy, warm and plush than the power wrap with out losing the firmness. They also seem more bomber and would hold up better after being put in and out of the boots for years. Still working on getting them molded. The new molding instructions seems to be pretty straight forward.

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Nice, Tim. I switched to apline wraps two seasons ago. Bought new boots this spring, haven't skied them yet but i just finished removing the OEM liners and stuffing my olde Intuitions in. I post here because i'm not sure i could go back to a liner with a tongue. I really like the way the wrap supports & fits my shin, the tongue liner that came with the boot pinched my calf in the front. Just sayin, you guys know whats up. You gonna heat them yourself?

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Probabbly. I did the old power wraps my self and it was sort of  disaster the first time. But the new insturctiosn are alot more Tim proof than the old, heat em in the oven method.

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Hi Tim,


I've worked on three different Intuitions. My original Power Wraps were fitted and heated in a shop then later spot heated to perfect the fit. I later tried a DIY reheating when I moved them to different boots. DIY was not as successful as the professional fitting. Later bought Full Tilts and used those with the stock (Softer than the Power Wrap) Intuition liner without heating. Later got samples of a model with a tongue. They are softer than the Power Wrap but firmer than the Full Tilt. I could never adjust to the Power Wraps. They would chew up my shins. I'm a vacation skier. Probably if I could ski once or twice a week all winter they would work fine. The new model with a softer tongue works fine and is almost as good in the foot hold down as the Power Wrap. Overall I'm a big Intuition fan. Good product, great customer service, glad to hear they've improved the instructions for us who are DIY inclined.



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