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Pigeon toed and knock kneed

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Members of our family are avid skiiers.  This year we are hosting a 16 year old girl from Norway.  She skis both alpine and cross country and will be joining us most weekends for skiing.  As we have done for previous exchange students, we will be paying for a seasonal ski equipment rental package.  But I have a few concerns.


Our exchange daughter is both pigeon toed and knock kneed.  Having been a ski instructor in the past I suspect this will have a significant impact on her skiing.  To be honest, I haven't worked with somebody who's legs and feet are so misaligned before.  I'm wondering what can be done with rental gear to mitigate these alignment issues.  Does it make any sense to purchase a pair of boots at a ski swap just so the boots could be modified to correct alignment issues?  Does the same apply to the skiis?


Thanks in advance for your advice.




Tom Moritz

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Best advice would be to get her in to see a qualified bootfitter prior to renting or purchasing.  It is possible to affect pigeon toed gate with a properly posted orthotic.  It would be help full to know if she pronates or supinates.  The knock kneed thing is an alignment issue that can be addressed



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don't see anyway of addressing either issues with rental gear.  Agree with Mike there are things that can be done but not on equipment that changes each weekend.



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We would get a season rental so we wouldn't have to make the adjustments every week.  I'm thinking about getting some second hand boots at a ski swap and then paying for some orthotics and/or alignment corrections.  I don't want to invest in a new pair of boots just for one season and I don't think our student is interested in making that investment until she recognizes the benefit.  Buying boots then planing the base or making other corrections would prevent us from selling them at next year's ski swap.  I'm just in a quandry here.




Tom Moritz

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there are a few things that can be done, none of which will maybe a perfect solution but all will be better than the kit ff the shelf


should be possible to get a good orthotic into the boot, and if some cant work is required it may be possible to do something with an under binding cant wedge which can be removed after the end of the season, this is a bit old school but as she will not have mulitple skis and you need a fis then it is an option... definately think the best course of action is to see a good fitter prior to doing anything and see what the options are


good luck

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