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Alignment Test???

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Spontaneous alignment test.

For my first turns of the year, I throw my AT gear in the car and head to mt judah. It's still mostly rock down low, so I throw my skis on my bag and have a great climb. After a nice lunch on top of Judah, I repack,tighten my boots and am ready for some exciting first turns in sunbaked new snow. I step into my bindings and AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! My AT boots don't fit the ski. I loaned my at skis out last year and forgot about it. Frantically digging through the pack, where's my tools? NO, no tools. First trip of the year gear blues.

With a key, I manage to move the heel piece, but toe height is impossible. I get into the bindings by jamming my toe sideways and getting it to hold on half of the toe piece.

Instant 10 degree outside position.

After surviving in this radical o leg pision for most of a survival decent, I had to take my ski off to climb down a little cliff. At the bottom I clicked back in , voila, the opposite. Only the big toe side engaged and I'm 10 degrees knock kneed. Edges???

Anyone wonder how important alingnment is, try this test. I don't recommend it in the backcountry on your first day back on skis though. It might take a few weeks before I regain any semblance of confidence.

Until then..

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Hi Holiday,

Great story. I think others here have commented on what a good experience it would be for those with good natural alignment to try and ski out of alignment. It's a great exercise for anyone: bootfitter, intstructor, skier, ...

I continue to be surprised and disappointed that (besides the one Dlbello boot I know of) there are no adjustable-cant bindings or boot soles. I would very much like to play with mine beyond the alignment procedures I have done with some alignment experts. Unfortunately, I've never reached a point where I am confidant enough to just grind my boots.
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The new Langes have removabel toe pieces. The boot comes with 5mm lift option. I have had mine canted 1.5 degrees with no problem. The toe/heal pieces are easily unscrewed and replace to be recanted or flattended if necessary.
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Thanks for the update on the lange removable heel and toe. Atomic also has them but it looks like the Lange is more easily canted. This, however, still doesn't give something that can be readily changed on slope. Dalbello's solution does this but results in a heavy boot. It just doesn't seem that difficult to me to build a cantable binding that could be changed on slope. I assume the demand is not there but I am pretty sure the need is.
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The Atomics cant quite nicely with washers. Important, most of the Atomics I've done had the heels and toes in different planes and reqired different numbers of washers front and back. Be sure to check the soles for flatness afterwards. On a couple occasions I put the front across the blade of my jointer and ran the back over the blade to true it to the front.(very light cut)
I got my first look at a new Lange Pininfarina over the weekend and it looked pretty true front to rear.(didn't see the Pinin logo on it though )(maybe I could pry one off of one of my FIATs? )

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