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Canyons Upgrade

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I was pretty skeptical of Talisker's acquisition of the Canyons, but these upgrades look promising...





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Yeah, they do.  And they are having a conference call to the owners on Saturday about the "re-creation" (their words) of the resort.


Why be skeptical of Talisker?  American Ski Corp. was always undercapitalized, even though they usually built one hell of a product.  The Canyons kicks the snot out of Deer Valley for terrain and size, has better lifts and is less crowded and bigger than PCMR (once you are up the mountain), is finally getting their golf course, has nice conference facilities, all with zero branding.  Talisker can pump some money into a new lodge near Dreamscape, move the gondola off the parking lot lift, install a new high speed quad with heated seats and an orange bubble where the gondola base was, move some dirt to create a "Ski Beach" and create some sort of national upscale branding that will sell real estate and a few more lift tickets.  Hey, I personally think it will take a long time for the economy to rebound.  But WTF, if they want to spend the money...good for them. 


I'll bet you will see more expansion at The Canyons linking at least three more mountains together within 4-5 years.  At some point, Talisker could make it into the largest resort in the country, although the economy will have to improve and the lawyers will have to be busy to make that happen.

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