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Go Pro HD Helmet Cam

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I'm really tempted to buy this helmet cam because of the amazing hd video it has but is it really worth the 299 that you pay? and what about battery life and how long it can record. I plan on making some videos this 2010-2011 Winter. Any help would be really appreciated.




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It's video is WAY better than $600 VIO cameras. In fact the video quality is amazing for $300 period.


If you get an 8gb card you have plenty of recording time.

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thanks dude.

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Go pro HD kicks but, its makes the VIO looks like crap.


it produces great video

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i didnt know jake used a go pro lol

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You may find this useful - It is a table outlining the key features of the GoPro HD, such as the battery life and recording time per GB etc. The table also contains the same information for the ContourHD and the Drift HD170, so you can see how it compares to those.

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Battery life on paper is always different than reality when you have it in a cold environment. Pick up a spare battery, they are only $15 cdn. Also, when you are not using the Gopro take it off and keep it in a warm's really easy and fast to do. Awesome little cam.

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thanks for the help and the good tip

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