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Advice on Moguls

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I read recently that hard edging in moguls is a bad thing, and that instead you should use your "soft edge." Does anyone know what this means?
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Feather the edge on moguls is what "they" mean. A bit of slippage, rather than a racing carve edge.
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Like ant said.

the girly instructors (who i want to ski like) seem to be able to ski moguls with their skis almost perfectly flat. i think they start the turn on the top of the mogul, and then instead of completing the turn by the time they reach the trough, they kind of keep turning on the side of the mogul next to the one they started on. Then they finish the turn right below the mogul they started on.

They never seem to gain any speed, and seem to have perfect control at all times.

It drives me nuts!!!!!!
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Not necessarily a bad thing. Depending on the skis, you can just let them carve if there is room and you feel like it, but it's best not to force it. Try both extremes, carving and pivot slipping and everything in between for best results.
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Miles is right as far as an ultimate goal for skiing bumps but to first get into them or to ski them like lurking's instructor knowing how to slip the ski is the needed skill. Learn every slipping exercise possible and learn to do them on any slope or side hill and at slow and fast speeds. Then ski the bumps by looking at them as a constantly varying set of surfaces to slip your skis on.

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Ahh Ydnar of course you are right, I wasn't thinking about a novice bumper.
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Is skiing straight skis an effective slipping exercise?
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lurkin bear you're description of the girly instructors mogul skiing sound a lot like the way I ski them in a modified zipper line.
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Don't know what you mean by "hard edging"? For me a fair amount of edging on moguls is very important to maintain good speed control. Without such one will likely go faster which is exactly what competition mogul skiers need to score higher. Personally I find that speed style harsh and instead in order to enjoy the sensations descend at a more relaxed speed which requires being more precise. One certainly doesn't edge continually as one may skiing down a groomed slope of cord. Yeah edging in bumps is good. However one must evolve through repetition and internal feedback of being successful, the optimal body position and form to properly leverage those edges. -Dave
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