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Need Help buying skis

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Im looking for a new set of skis but I dont know much about chosoing the right gear so I need some help.  I'm about 5'9"-5'10" and 165 lbs. I think im a pretty decent skier but I live in the south so I havent been able to go too much growing up.  Im comfortable skiing blacks and powder but I still struggle on the real steep stuff and I havent done anything out of bounds really.  For those who have been to Big Sky I'd say Lennin and Marx are runs that test my ability pretty well. Anyway, Im moving to Big Sky for the winter and need a pair of skis that can pretty much do it all.  I want something that can handle the powder of the upper mountain but also do ok in tress and bumps. Can anyone suggest what length I should be looking into and what width would be good? The last skis I had were 170's but  I figure I'll get better as the season goes on so I guess I can get something longer. Thanks for the help.

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I believe most of the experts here will tell you that choosing the right boot (which is very much an objective measure based on fit) is a decision several times more important than choosing the "right" ski (which is a very subjective measure, depending on a variety of factors and your personal preferences).


So find a certified bootfitter in your area...




And get yourself fitted for proper boots that are good for your foot length, width, shape, calf size, stance, etc. 


In the mean time, you will get several ski recommendations here and can take your time to review them all and decide.  Based on your size and skill, looks like the 165 - 175 cm range will work just fine, depending on the skis themselves.

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I thought I could ski powder too till I decided to learn how to telemark in the backcountry.  I tell you what, 4-12 inches of powder at a resort is totally different than skiing the same amount of fresh in the backcountry.  That is because in continental climes (like Montana), at least half the season is usually marked by a soft snowpack.  So, you might be skiing a foot of fresh in the backcountry, but that is on top of say a foot of older homogenous powder, which is on top of a thin buried crust, which is on top of more homogenous powder, which is on top of (hopefully) consolidating depth hoar.  The only time you will experience anything similar at a resort is when you manage to get first tracks on a 20+ inch day.  Usually that kind of snow gets tracked out rapidly at a resort, so unless you are considering a backcountry setup, I would recommend: 


Something 170-180 mm long (if rockered go 185 ish)

Something 90-100 mm wide at waist

You are kind of looking for the holy grail here, because improved powder performance will probably mean decreased mogul performance unless you are a really good operator.  Some good options:


Moment Tahoe, pre-2010 Volkl Gotama, Line Prophet 100, ON3P Geronimo, or if you want to get fancy, DPS Wailer 95.  There are lots of other options out there, but these are some I would be sure to check out.

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