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Adding to the Quiver??

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Hi,  I'm an advanced-expert skier, 6'1" 180 16 years old, who skis pretty much 100% in the east and am considering adding to my quiver.  Last year I purchased a pair of Rossi CX80's in a 170, which all in all I'm pretty fond of, but was somewhat disappointed in its lack of versatility.  It's a great ski, and does what it's supposed to do (stability at high speeds, solid, smooth GS turns), but is horrible in moguls and at times is impractical for the 100-yard hills common in the east.  It also suprisingly can be difficult on very steep terrain.  I will still take this ski in the woods throughout the day, and it does fine, but I worry that as the trees get closer and the pitch gets steeper, it may become difficult.  Given that I blew the wad on skis last year, I was looking for a ski on the cheaper side, and was considering a slalom race ski, given that I could ski it in moguls and trees, as well as the extra-steep terrain.  Any suggestions as to what I should do?  All help is greatly appreciated.     


                                                                                                                                          Thanx, Tyler


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any replies?????  come on don't be shy

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The CX80 is a great hard snow ski and if you were to get something for bumps and trees, I would go with a softer twintip rather than a slalom ski. 

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If speed isn't a requirement I would just pick up an old pair of Rossi Bandits for cheap.

SL ski are a little too stiff for the soft snow in the trees, and because of their shape and stiffness are not the best choice for moguls either.

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Never bought anything from them, but this place has tons of different used Rossi Bandit models...


Put "Rossi Bandit" in the search box to see em all.

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Rossi Bandits are a really nice tree ski. Also I would check out the Line Prophet Flite or Line Prophet 90, I've heard they are a nice tree ski and the Prophet 90 can handle speed on the groomers cause its stiffer than the Flite.


I don't know exactly what price you are looking at but you can get last year's Prophet 90 for $250 at a store, brand new, and its the same as this years except the graphics.

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Good suggestions, but I worry about the twin tip's and Bandit's performance on hardpack/ ice.  Remember, I ski 100% east coast pretty much so I'm also a bit worried about the relatively wide waists mentioned.  I'm not a backcountry skier.....yet, given that I just don't have the opportunities to become one.  I need this to be able to perform in the glades/ moguls as well as on hardpack/ ice.  The last thing I want is to have to tone it down and ski slow because my skis suck on hardpack. 

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It's obvious to me that you already have a ski for the hardpack. Keep that, get something that will perform better in 3-D snow, and in the tree's. Voila! 2 ski EC quiver. Problem solved.

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