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What Boots for Tiny-Footed Kids?

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I could use some advice from those who have been there and done that already.  I know these forums are full of people with tons of knowledge and expertise.  So, once again, I'm going to the well...


Like many of us, I'm thinking ahead to the 2010-2011 ski season.  I'm trying to figure out what boots to get for my little girls, 4 and 7.  I'll most likely be buying sight-unseen over the internet, as there's very little in stores in their sizes, and I can't really trust their feedback on fit anyway.  My plan is to take advantage of off-season deals and spend around $50 per pair.


A little background is in order.  I basically did the same thing last year with good success.  My girls are quite small for their ages and have tiny feet.  The younger one ended up in the Head RX 5 in mondo 14.5.  Last season was her first and she progressed from zero to being able to turn both ways and stop using a wedge and go straight parallel.


My older daughter is now a level 6+ skier, according to Squaw Kids.  Last year she wore pink Alpina Zoom boots in 16.5 mondo.  She made a lot of progress in one season using those boots.  Next season she'll be working on edging and poles.


So, of course, they grew.  Luckily for me, they don't do this particularly quickly.  I expect to be able to buy boots that will last all season.  And if I need to buy some larger boots because of a growth spurt, so be it.  Any boots I buy will likely be used by both girls.


For my four year old, I'm considering the Dolomite Kid http://www.snowshack.com/detail/SNW+DO%2D00889+160_Dolomite+Junior+Series+Kid+Ski+Boot in mondo 15.  I measured her feet last night at 14.5 cm.  I figure 15.0 is the smallest I should go.  I want to get her out of rear-entry boots and I like the idea of the soft flex of this boot.  She weighs only 30 lbs and stands only 3'3".


My seven year old's feet measure at 17.0 cm.  I was going to aim for mondo 17.5 boots, as I don't see many 18.0 boots available.  Even though we were happy with the Alpina boots, I'm planning on the Dalbello Gaia 1 boot http://www.porterstahoe.com/istar.asp?a=6&id=945708!DAL this year.  I sense that this is a bit more serious boot and may be more appropriate for her level.  She weighs 35 lbs and stands 3'8".  She has slender calves.


I'd like to get some feedback on my plans, especially suggestions based on experience with similar situations.  I see a number of difficulties.  First, availability is rather sparse.  Perhaps that's a seasonal thing.  Second, most models come only in whole-size increments.  With feet this small, a whole centimeter is a big difference.


I've not really considered the Roces boots due to how their size ranges line up.


Thanks in advance.

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A couple years ago I asked about sizing boots for my daughter.  If you do a search in the "ask the boot guys" on sizing kids or ski boots for kids, you'll probably find that thread.  The thing I remember most, was that there were some tips on sizing kids and how to check them to make sure the boots fit and the kids aren't saying they are because they like the color.  Kids also need more room in the toe box to stay warm. 


If they have any issues with cold feet (it can get down right nasty in New England), get them boot gloves.  The cost will be off set by not having to make so many trips inside for hot cocoa.


Since you have two kids, don't sell any of the boots.  I saved my daughters for my granson (thankfully she doesn't like "girly" stuff).  You might consider ski swaps and/or working something out with other skiing parents so you can trade back and forth.  You might want to also consider buying s few sizes.  This way you'll always have the next size incase they do grow in one season.


The official line here is to go see a good boot fitter and I too hang my hat on that but I think they're still on the young side for that, and spending that much on boots for kids that might not get a full season out of them might not sound like the best thing to do with your money.  I did do this for my 12 year old last year that has incredibly flat feet.  She immediately started skiing better because her alignment was corrected.  I was a HUGE difference.  I felt guitly for not doing it sooner. Hopefully your girls have "off the shelf" feet.


I know I haven't directly answered your questions, but hopefully I gave you a couple more things to consider.



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Thanks for the thoughtful response.  I did dig up you previous thread.  I got a lot from it.  I agree that at this size, it's all going to be off-the-shelf.  I like the idea of just buying the next size in advance of need.  It's hard to nail the fit when each size increment is so big relative to their feet.


Does anyone have any specific feedback on the Dalbello Gaia 1?  I've read a good review here on the Dolomite Kid.



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