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Legend 8800 replacements????

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I’ve been reviewing the forums searching for information on a pair of skis to replace my Dynastar Legend 8800’s. In short, I am looking for a ski in the 88 to 92 mm waist width, what many of you refer to as a western daily driver.  I want a ski with a smaller turn radius than the 8800’s for medium radius turns, and is able to handle Tahoe conditions where:


1  There may be a few inches of wet snow

2  It has not snowed for a few days

3  Spring conditions where it’s relatively hard snow in the morning turning into oatmeal by 1:00 pm.


The one improvement I am looking for is better edge grip in firm to hard snow conditions. I’m willing to sacrifice some soft snow performance to achieve greater edge hold. (I’m not expecting edge hold like my race stock skis, just looking for some improvement in this area) This is the ski I will take to Tahoe when I don’t know what-the-heck the conditions will be.  I don’t want a ski I have to actively drive all day. I would like to be able to cruise along periodically without the ski feeling dead since I’m not skiing in it’s performance range.


In searching the reviews, a few skis come to mind. The Blizzard Titan Cronus, Nordica Helldiver, Volkl Bridge. Each of these appears to have better edge grip in firm conditions, and maybe all three are winners where I just can’t loose.

So what is driving me to ask this question? The Start Haus sale started me thinking.


I am looking for input from others on this forum regarding their experiences with these skis in similar conditions, and, if there is something out there I haven’t considered.


Thoughts?? Suggestions??



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Of the three you list, the 'Diver will do all the things you are asking. The Cronus and Bridge are more nimble in shorter radius turns and will handle your other specified tasks but neither is notably better on hard snow than the 88K.


Other 2011 skis that will give you what you ask..........


Dynastar Sultan 94

Salomon Sentinel

Volkl Kendo

Blizzi Magnum 8.7

Kastle MX 88



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Thanks SJ:


Thanks for the feedback. I just wish you hadn’t mentioned the Volkl Kendo.  After reading your western daily drivers review it is high on my “wish” list. Time to re-evaluate my top three.

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