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Vancouver resident, skiing bumming options

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The Background -


I'm 20, going to University, live in Langley, B.C( about 45 min south-east of Vancouver). I go to school during the months of May -Dec and then take the "spring" semester off to ski. Last season was spent in Fernie but this year i'm going to be staying home -  mainly because of wanting to be with friends, family, the cost, and the fact that I already have a good part time job here.


So I WAS pretty much decided that I was going to buy a seasons pass and spend the season at Baker. I came to this conclusion after considering the distance (160k to Whistler vs 80k to Baker) , the cost of the seasons pass, and the atmosphere/vibe that I like a Baker etc. I now though feel torn.... Whistler would just be so sweet in terms of terrain and lifts. I cant be moving up there and driving 4-5 hours a day just seems like such a waste,I was considering trying to tear the back seat out of my civic and somehow sleeping it and staying up there 2/3 days at a time. 


Anyone see some other options? Something i'm missing? What would you do?


P.S- North shore mtns are not an option, just too little snow and challenging terrain.

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Hey TMay11--At first, I thought the answer to your question was in your title--van resident--reminded me of my first season in Breckenridge years ago, when I drove my old (very old) Ford Econoline van from Maine to the Colorado high country and lived in it all winter....


Then I realized your Van is a city. Sorry, can't help you there. But I don't think you can go wrong with either of your choices. Of course, you could consider trading in that Civic for a van. Have a great season!


Best regards,


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Whistler is cold at night...especially in a Civic.  What is wrong with Baker?  Lift lines too short, powder (and yes I am using the term loosely) too abundant?


Nothing wrong with Baker...but if you need Whistler, stay in a hostel, UBC ski cabin is great, tons of fun...and CHEAP...even for a non member. 


Either that, or do what I used to do....slick up the the hair, put on some cologne and your best clean shirt, and go to the bars and "pick up"...then you will have an extra cosy place to stay!


Besides in Whistler the "Just because I sleep with you, doesnt mean I will ski with you" motto is well understood and accepted.






Kids these days....gotta teach em everything.

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What Skidude said. The hostels look to be the cheapest options when you're on a budget and won't be spending more than a few days at a time up here. Book well in advance though. I think there was a Vancouver ski club that also offers a "season pass" for their Whistler lodge. It should show up on a google search. Or make friends with some locals.


And I don't blame you about the north shore mountains. I came from Ontario, and Cypress was like a really big version of an Ontario hill. Whistler's in a different class altogether! 


Enjoy your season. 

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What about skiing Baker most of the time, but taking a trip to W/B once-and-a-while?  The expenses at Whistler for everything are much greater than in the lowlands and it would be much more difficult to make ends meet.  Also the traffic is ridiculous when driving from Langley.


While Baker's inbounds terrain is limited compared to Whistler, you won't be giving anything up on challenging stuff, and Baker's back country is every bit as extensive as Whistler's, if not more so.

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