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Chile - from liv4ski and DHeckt

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So, that's not me.  It's liv4ski and DaveHecht.  Take a look at the photo bucket.  They have one hell of a trip lined up.  Cat skiing and all!



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where are they cat skiing? I didnt think VN offered that. I think with the conditions as they are, that's a good call.  if you can get that info, I would appreciate it.

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could this be an avalanche?

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That is a remarkable bit of footage, wow, lucky dude, are you ok!! its funny post-the-event of course..

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"could this be an avalanche?"


Bet a change of Underwear, was in order after that!

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The amazing thing ...he was able to find his ski!


Just a little more hill and that could have really been bad.

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Glad everyone was OK in that slide, that gully looks like a nasty terrain trap.  Looks like the snowpack was super touchy too.  You guys wearing your beacons down there I hope?

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Other views of the slide. 


Dave Hecht posing to provide perspective:





It's the one to the left of the lift on the right side. 



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There is a rock showing, is it to the right (looker's) of that rock?  If so, it looks much steeper than the shot from above.

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Yes.  It's to the right of the rock.

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Wait-  It looks like in that shot up the liftline that your slide occured up in the head of that bowl, to skiers left of a much bigger existing slide path?  If that is the case, this is sort of a huge DUH guys.  All the warning signs are there- there is a huge slide on the same aspect and slope- heck the same ridge face!  I don't know why you would think that line would be OK to hit.

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If you watch the video again you will see the slide further to skier's left come down too.  They appear to have occurred at the same time.


If you look at the small rock just left of center with the shadow, and look up to where the slide occurred, you can see the fracture line - I think.

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oh, I am confused, I thought the one closer to the liftline was the one in the video. 

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