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Anticipation of the lack of control / free fall.

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No!! This isn't a post about dropping cliffs or getting big dumb air. The title of this post referse to a specific instance in a turn.
Upon finishing phase 4 of a turn and aproching phase 1 of the next there is an AWSOME!!feeling. It is however, not easy to attain. The feeling is tough to discribe. It's refered to as the anticipation of the next turn. What's really going on is that you have just recieved the "snap" from one turn and are litterly throwing your upper body down hill while your lower body moves across the hill to anticipate the "snap from the next turn.
This happens in a split second at high speeds, it's not a a slow speed thing and if someone is trying it for the first time it can be very scary. For some, it won't happen because it's beyond their comfort zone, but, WHAT A RIDE! It is an amazing feeling when you can link turn after turn and feel this on every turn.
I've been able to do this for some time but I just wanted to hear other peoples comments on it. How many people can do it? [img]smile.gif[/img] How many don't want to? Etc...

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I get that feeling only on steep terrain, but it IS nifty! I used to think I was doing something wrong by letting my body fall down the hill and having my legs swing up under me later.

I developed it by accident when I was younger (on straight skis). I would look down the hill at the end of the turn and think "I want to go DOWN THERE! Stupid body, go DOWN!" and I'd lean down, and my legs would follow.
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Two ways to get this neat feeling.

First - the way you're describing it, it is during the "crossunder" phase. Your legs shot under your body, as your body continues down the hill. It is almost like mogul skiing aggressively without the moguls. Practice retraction going over the bumps, and then repeat the feeling on the flats. Free fall!!!

Second - get your mind off of your feet. Think about what gives you balance while you are skiing. I won't answer you yet. Once you figure that out, float down the hill in one big freefall, dancing on air. Neatest in gnarly stuff. You're skiing while everyone else is falling.
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I have gone much more towards the fully weighted release and away from that floating, awesome feeling in my skiing. I miss it. I would have just as soon kept that awesome feeling that hooked me for so many years but I like the trade off.
In exchange I have a solid feel throughout the turn. Gone is much of the variation in technique as I go from soft to deep to ice and back. There is no break in stride or edge in varying terrain or snow conditions. Even in moguls that feeling has largely left my skiing. Very easy on the knees, no pain and very little need for absorption.
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I think Pierre is in the boat!
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