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MARKING the skis??? Any good ideas?? - Page 2

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How bout just leaving the blood splatter stains on them from the last person that thried to steal the skis

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^^^ I was thinking more of bloody machette attached to them. It will give the other meaning of the word carving...

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Just use a Sharpie and write your last name.  This shows you know what you're doing and are a 'skier'.

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When do we post the link to the thread with the story about Franz Klammer stealing Bob Peters' skis?


There ya go!


Note the last name written with a sharpie.

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i'd agree that older beat up looking ski's are nice deterrents for most snaggings. 


One thing that would be very cool in the industry would be to push the makers to embed RFID tags into the ski's.  a lot of industries are putting these into products, Walmart uses them to track pallets of goods for shipping, drug companies, food, etc use em too and given the cost of ski's overall, are less than a few bucks per ski to add which is a low % adder.


the issue then would be to convince the slopes to put readers in at the lifts which in many cases could be one in the same as used by some resorts for their lift tickets.  however this isn't too horrible as there are other uses such as subversively tracking usage based on age, buying habits, etc.  some marketing expert can find some offset which could entice resorts return on cost.


since they're embedded in a ski, they can be placed randomly within the process and even reside within bindings.  the cool thing (and scary) is that they're small enough you can't readily see em, you need a microscope.  whats funny is for drugs, you just swallow em up and later the sewage treatment plant can read em ...


till then, i use the aforementioned splitting ski's, names with markies, tape to make em look like rentals, and cheap cable locks.  i considered painting topsheets but most mine are 3-4 yrs and other than a quick grab not worth it ... but i do use lockers when readily available at the base, especially at newer unfamiliar slopes. 


for the cable locks i once either messed up the combo in use or it failed.  Walked into the nearby hut and told em what happened, they loaned me some cable cutters and i just cut it off.  returned the cable cutter and no one really seemed to care ... but again, the skis and I are not in our youth!



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your ideas sound absolutely rediculous... marking the skis? please tell me you arent serious... listen, some people just get their skis stolen, its russian roulette, just like car accidents.  Bring one of those pocket ski locks or do the 1980s classic - seperating the skis on different racks. Also... most resorts have a ski watch, thats where i put mine since i HAVE had skis stolen.


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