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Back question

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G'day everyone yes i'm new to the site but before i joined at the begining of the season i had a back injury, i slipped backward jarring my tailbone


Walking was difficult with aid and running impossible, xrays taken at the hospital proved there was nothing broken thank god for that but i still had alot of trouble


I had a constant aching pain at the middle part of my tailbone area and to one cheek on my buttocks... no jokes about having a sore ass or been a pain in the ass i've heard em all from sarcastic friends ;)


But in all honesty what damage have i done?


I scored a dodgy doctor who siad you'll be fine and sent me home with panadeine forte... but did not tell me what damage was done or how long it would hurt or what to do to get better


so guys any advice you have would be helpfull maybe one of you have been unlucky enough to score such an injury?

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Nothing broken is a good thing. If you bruised the bone, it is very painful and takes almost as long to heal as if it were broken. You'll probably be fine, just like the doc says. But if you don't trust him/her, get a second opinion.

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