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boot fitting problem

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I was skiing with a friend last week in NZ. Before we left on the trip, she had boots fitted by a boot fitter in Sydney (regarded as being one of the best boot fitters here) who is  a former pro skiier.


Throughout the trip she didn't feel comfortable in her boots, feelilng they were too loose on her. Her heel would lift on most turns, and she had to really buckle the boots to do any control. She went into a boot fitter in NZ to see about getting the footbed adjusted, and they told her that the original boot fitter had sold her boots that were a size too small (sold her 25.5 rather than 24.5).


She took the boots back today to the boot fitter (in her words):


Soooo – took my boots back. 


We started talking so think I want to bounce this off you as you probably saw I just couldn’t get my settings right. Admittedly I’m an in between size, a 25 basically and one foot is smaller than the other.  24.5 was extremely difficult to get my foot into and would be my racing size and I’d expect toe bruising but my foot did feel snug (don’t need to worry about shoe buckles like you don’t and had firm traction on turns). In 25.5 I have lots of room and my heel lifts on almost every turn though they are more comfi. The insoles I used helped, but as you saw I had to buckle up really tightly and release on most lifts.


I’ve not skied a whole day in 24.5s.


The guy had the balls to say “it may not be a sizing thing, it may be your technique and you should get a lesson”. So thought I’d ask if you thought I was carrying my weight wobbly?


I had good boot days and bad boot days overall on the 25.5s. And am swayed by the fact that I was served by Mr [X] himself and he’s a pro skier. He always recommends to unbuckle at every lift.


So two clear options

  1. Change down sizes/try them
  2. Get free heel lifts and buy footbeds (replacing insoles) to make the 25.5 a “25”.


Maybe I should try a 24.5 somewhere else: I only tried one pair.

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read the wiki at the top of the forum and do a shell check and post the information on here, we may be able to help a little further, it does however soundslike the 25 is too big if not in length then almost certainly in volume but this is impossible to say on line and with the information given, it is a lot easier to make a small boot bigger than it is to make a big boot smaller, so all the packing in the world will probably not really help, it could be down to a lack of flwxion at the ankle which is causing her heel to lift but that is only one of many options.


good luck gettign this right

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A few things to understand.  The public has been taught to speak of race size as if it is something different from the size the public skis.  Generally it is not.  I have worked with several  national team skiers and they are usually in the size they measure.  If your short foot measure a 24 and your longer foot is just over 25 most competent fitters can get you into the 25.


As you have seen often the smaller boot is more comfortable than the larger.   Sloppy poor fitting boots ski poorly, cause toe bang and the over-tight buckling hurts like hell, causes cold feet due to lack of circulation.


Small boots are more difficult to fit in the store.  But once right they hold your foot securely without being over tightened.  Your toes don't bang because your foot is much less likely to slide forward.


Being a pro skier means you can ski!



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The ever vigilant CEM pointed out a mistake I made.  should have said most competent fitter can get you into the 24.



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