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Freeriding in race boots.

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I currently ski in a pair or Nordica Supercharger Enforcers. They are a 98mm last and 100-110 flex (ish). Basically, they are just too soft for me. Great for when i'm teaching, but when I am skiing aggressively, they just don't give me the power and support I want.


I went and saw a good boot fitter today. Limited selection due to the size and flex boot i'm after. Anyway, I tried on a Atomic Hawx 120, and pretty much was just crushing it according to the boot fitter. After that i was put in a Head Raptor 150RD race boot. Surprisingly, it felt much wider than the listed 95mm- but with a boot like that work is needed regardless. I liked the lace up liners and general fit, liner gave me awesome heel hold. Very few pressure points (only really 6th toe). far less than I expected.


My question is, that I will be using these for lots of big mtn skiing, crud busting, bumps, airs, cliffs and technical lines ect. Is it a bad idea to buy a race specific boot for this? Is the lack of shock absorption and other features free ride boots have going to give me more pain and issues?


I'm thinking a boot like that would really push my skiing, but along with that goes that i have to be on form or i'll get worked-much like on a stiff ski.


I'll keep my nordicas for teaching and park skiing. Can I put the lace up liner in them too?





Didn't know where to post this so put it here, and the more viewed ski gear discussion forum.



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Don't know why you'd have any issues.  Freeride boots are just race boots with funky graphics and a softer boot board.  Until a few years ago they didn't even exist and everyone got along just fine.  But you did leave a lot of boots out.  You went straight from a 120 or so flex 98mm boot to a 150 95.  There is a lot in between.  You also don't say anything about your height and weight.


Few people crush even a 120 when it is cold.  Don't go by how the boot flexes in the store.  big difference when it is 60 or more degrees colder.


You may be able to use the liner but remember it is thinned out for a 95mm boot so it may be loose inside a 98.  Only thing to do is try.





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Yeah i guess it was the boot board I was referring to- or the lack of a rubber/soft one.


The boot fitter didn't seem to have many boots he thought would work for me, so those were the two he put me in. I do plan on going to check every other boot store I can find out before I purchase. But i did really like the way the raptors felt- before work was done.


Also, I am 6' 170lbs, strong athletically.


Thanks for your comment.


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Not to diminish you but 6', 170 lbs does not make you a giant.  I'm 6'2", 180 and consider myself bigger than average.  But there are a ton of guys out there bigger than average.   I am hardly a powerhouse.  I work with a national team wrestler 6' 3" 280,  Now he is damn powerful and I call him "sir".


I can't see a way that you are able to just crush a 120 boot.  That isn't to say you can't ski a stiffer one, only that typically the one you are in should work OK.  Definitely it should not be amazing by its softness.


Looking for boots is OK, but buying for comfort is almost always a recipe for mistakes.   I'd go shopping for a fitter instead.



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