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Rode with some racing buddies from back in the day today. They had never riden Kingdom Trails, so wanted to come up and hit it. Plan was for everyone to meet at 10. Only 3 of us mae it at 10 so we took off for some pre-game riding. Up tot the base of Burke Mtn and down Burnham Down. These guys still race and I don't they were rockin' the carbon 9ers, HRMs and powermeters. I don't roll like that, but stayed on their wheels with teh 5" trail bike. We got to the bottom and the other guys still weren' there so we went and did a lap of Herbs to Kitchel which is a cool machine built jump trail. We saw the other guys rolling into town as we were riding up. Unfortunately, they decided to try and outsmart us by parking at the top when we got to the bottom and couldn't find 'em we had to ride up again.  Took the big group on a full lap of Darling Hill. Wore them out by the time we got to town and pressed on. Back up the mtn with part of the group. Shuttled to the very top with a few guys while the HRM boys rode to the campground and across to the middle of J-Bar. We rode the new Upper J-Bar trail which was gnarly as hell. Most everyone else we saw was wearing armor and full-faces and riding DH bikes. All told, the SRM boys had 33 miles. I think I probably had the same. I'm gonna be sore tomorrow. Rode harder than I have in a long time.