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So, does this count?

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This weekend was supposed to start my rest week.  However, the spouse left town to visit my daughter in Salt Lake, so I thought I might rearrange my rest week to end next weekend instead, and take the opportunity to ride to visit my father in Cheyenne.  It's 110 miles one way.


As many of you know, I'm training to ride the Buffalo Classic Century in mid September with the objective of a sub-5 hour century.  Yesterday, I had a headwind for nearly 90 miles with the not surprising result that I only averaged 18.5 mph.  Today, however, I only had a significant headwind for the first 35 miles, most of which was a slight descent.  I crossed the 100 mile mark with a 20.5 mph average, and finished the 111.3 mile route (had to alter course to stop at the local watering hole for a beer) at 20.2 mph.


While it might appear I've already hit my objective of a sub 5-hour century, the return from Cheyenne does have a downward bias -- the net elevation gain was -800 feet.  So, do you think this counts?  Have I already achieved my objective?



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Back-to-back 110 mile days! 20.2 mph on the second day! That more than counts!

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