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New Women's Race Boots

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Good morning Boot guys!


Just in case yall aren't sick of this warm weather, I am and I need to get my self prepared for up and coming ski season!!




Here is what I'm looking for:


Women's specific ski boot


Stiffer flex because they will be used for racing but also for some recreational use.


My foot is a size 7.5 but very wide


I have an issue with leaning back in my skis so a boot that could help fix that would be amazing!



I am not sure what other information yall need but please let me know so I can get the details you need.

Also, if there is a post that is similar to this topic please point me in the right direction!


Thanks guys (and girls because there has to be at least one girl posting to this?!)

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Hi hokietoski ,


     It would be worth noting there are no wide race level boots out there---most are in the 95 to 97mm width in a 26 mondo length and range narrower in smaller lengths. 


The sitting back position can be caused by a couple of issues involving fore/aft balance position over the ski center and would require you getting in touch with a qualified bootfitter for analysis, I kind of doubt changing boots would cure this issue just by luck.



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Why woman specific boots?  Most, but not all are intermediate level or lower.  What have you decided they will do better?  Race boots are always unisex.  Agree with Mike that sitting back could easily be fore/aft related which includes binding ramp angle as well.  Could also be related to binding position.


We unfortunately give this advice too often but the only way to assess your balance issues is to see a qualified fitter or for you to experiment on your own.  There are plenty of threads in this forum that discuss fore/aft.  Mike is correct there are no wide race boots.  Again best thing to to see a fitter.  All race boots are 98mm or narrower. 


But will say that many customers tell me their feet are wide and when I measure they turn out to be C width (average).



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adding to what the guys have said, there is one wider race boot for this year, Lange have a100mm last in a 110 and 130 flex, but as has been said it is a unisex model and starts at size 24 shell ad it is long to size so it may be too big for you even at the smallest shell they make, they do make a "womens/junior version" in the 97mm last in 110and 120 flex which has a short cuff, so sits a little lower on the leg


as the guys have also said you really need to be seeing a good fitter to get the sitting back issue sorted, it could be the fit of the boot, the position of the binding etc etc but it is impossible to tell on line


take a look at the list of fitters at the top of the forum and see if you can find one close to you or somewhere you ski, if you struggle i am sure someone form that side of the pond will come up with someone near you


good luck

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Somewhere is this forum are plenty of topics dealing with balance and alignment.  Since sitting back is such a problem in skiing I think you will find plenty of discussion.



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