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Hey guys, 


Looks like lots of deals this time of year--so I'm looking to gear up. And since epicski has the most hardcore gear experts anywhere I'm hoping to get some advice. 


My stats: 6', 165lbs advanced skier. I mostly focus on technique rather than charging. I need skis suitable for teaching beginner/intermediate lessons on groomers (30% of the time), and skiing powder/cement/glades/moguls when freeskiing (70%). Not opposed to buying two pairs for different conditions. 


My current skis are the 2008 Salomon X-Wing 10 in 166cm, which were fun two years ago but now feel floppy and skied out. I really enjoyed the '08 Nomad Crimson - it was rock solid, somehow succeeded in being good in both edge control and float, and I could charge way faster than on the x-wing 10, but I can't find a great deal on it. However, I have found the following skis at good prices:


Fischer RX Big Heat Skis 174cm

Atomic Nomad Whiteout 171cm, 178cm

4FRNT Pique All Mountain Ski 168, 176, 183cm

Head 06/07 Mojo 90 Twin Tip Skis 186cm

Fischer Watea 101 Powder Skis 192cm

Head 06/07 Monster i.M 77 181cm

Head Monster iM 78 RF Skis 183cm

Ninthward Rory Silva Twin Tip Powder Skis 173, 178, 183cm


Granted, some of these are hardpack skis where others are for powder, but are any of these award winners in their domains? Are any of these comparable in terms of stability, edge hold and float to the Nomad Crimson? At what point is the length just too unwieldy and ridiculous for someone of my build?


Where the twintips and teaching are concerned, I don't mind teaching on my x-wing 10s -- or buying two pairs of skis if there's an amazing powder ski and a great hardpack ski in the group.