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Trowing your club ~ There IS a right way to do it

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Have any of your clubs been sent to a watery grave?

Did you put one(or more) of your clubs on time out in the water hazard?


Now you can get tips from a pro.  There IS a right way to do it!


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I believe "Terrible" Tommy Bolt used to advocate throwing the club forward so you pick the club up on the way to your next shot. I knew a guy in Mississippi who tossed a Scotty Cameron putter into a pond. Decided to go retrieve and was bitten by a snapping turtle. Pretty severe bite that required an ER visit and quite a few stitches.

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The intent of throwing a club means you do not want it any longer, after all, it was the reason for that bad shot that started the idea of tossing it to begin with.  



Thus, if you decide to toss it...do it right, lenght is good for open areas.   Into the trees if woods are avail.  Against a tree if close enough, into the pond, but only if your ball when there first.



This said, from a guy who golfs 36 holes a year.    I have never tossed a club.  Always smiling too much.    However I golf with guys who should not be golfing...I think it upsets their day, week, year and ultimatley their life.      They toss clubs and then get them.   

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Clean up on Aisle 9,,


can we get a mod to fix that title???



I;ve never trowed a club, thrown one once or twice.

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I was typing with a lisp 

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The porch adjacent to the snack bar at Skungamaug GC in Coventry, CT overlooks the sixth hole which has a small but nefarious pond just short of the green.  A LOT of balls have been irretrievably lost there.  A friend of mine was enjoying a beer and saw a guy dump three consecutive balls in the pond.  He then threw his clubs, bag and all, into the water and headed for the parking lot.  A few minutes later he came back, waded into the pond and retrieved the bag.  He calmly unzipped the side pocket, withdrew his car keys, and then threw the bag back in the water.....

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T-Bolt is the undisputed champion of temper tantrums and club throwing. I have a friend who threw a putter in the air and it stuck in a tree. He said, "forget it" and walked away. Much later that day he made the half hour drive back to the course to get the putter but was unable to climb the tree - never did get his putter back! Finally gave up the game because of heart trouble - too stressful!

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In his prime Ben Crenshaw had a couple of incidents.  He broke his putter in a 1987 Ryder Cup match and wound up putting first with his sand wedge and then with his one iron.  He lost to Eamonn Darcy one down and the US lost to Europe 15-13.


On another occasion he threw his pitching wedge high into the air.  It came down and whacked him in the head.  Gary McCord was the commentator and said, "I've seen a lot of players skull their wedges in my career but this is the first time I ever saw one wedge his skull".

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I set a new personal record for club height today. Sigh.

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Originally Posted by therusty View Post

I set a new personal record for club height today. Sigh.

It does give you a very special feeling on those days you can throw your driver farther than you can hit it. 

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I've seriously contemplated throwing many a driver.  Ahhh... what a lovely game.

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The US Armature started here Monday at Chambers Bay, a County owned course.  I think those guys would really like to throw their clubs. 


This is going to be the sight of the 2015 US Open, and it is a beast.  Think Whistling Straights with more up and down and over 7,700 yards all fiscue grass.  The weather has been perfect but it is supposed to go to hell in a hand basket Thursday - Saturday and the best round at Chambers has been 2 under.  It is supposed to be televised through Sunday and it should be a show as the wind comes up. 


This course would be a really great venue for a regular stop on the tour. 

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hey there

i am a pretty keen golfer- and have to say will never throw my club esp the driver. 

it shows disrespect to the tools and they know you are dissing them i tell you for true!! lol would you throw your skis or board if you fall off ?


in fact the real problem with club chuckers is the top 2 inches not functioning 

also i really suggest that everyone who starts playing- go get a lesson

you do that when you learn to ski and it really helps to get the basics right

grip , stance , ball position 

without that you will never move ahead and yep will possibly throw your clubs some more.


one little gem

 "don't look where you don't wanna go" applies to golf, skiing and life in general


also if you cheat at golf you cheat in life.


from phil osopher


swing smoothe 





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