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howdy folks


well another storm is coming through just now- but it will leave some great powder just like last sunday.


our partners red bull have been putting on a training camp for last 2 weeks and the content produced is pretty darned good we reckon


click through on these links and have a peek  at the action- all happenning in lovely weather.


hope you have google chrome as you vid browser- nothing really stacks up better, and rip down flash10.1 for primo viewing 


here you go - plenty more action on


btw surely some of the crew out there have got some vids like these- we are keen to hear from you . real 



Red Bull Performance Camp Day One: Riders such as Pat Moore, Greg Bretz, Sebastien Toutant, Spencer Brien, and Kiwi Jacob Koia gather to progress their game on the dream powder playground that is the RB Performance Camp at Snowpark, Wanaka NZ. 

With Jumps, rails, soft landing pad and the sun screaming, it's all on for the boys to hold it down in day one of the camp. With coaching on offer and a slight competitive chill the riders throw it down and get settled in between rides.



Red Bull Performance Camp Day Three: Day Three and the air bag is taken away for the riders to land for real and this is what happens. Double backside rodeo's, frontside 9's double cork 10's, ol skool methods, front 10's flared backy's, 3's, 5's, 7's and 9's. It's all there and if progression is the goal of the camp then they have succeeded.



more next week