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Suggestions/tips for working at a new resort?

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Hey folks, 


Well, it's happened--after seven years in the corporate world I've taken a job at Whistler-Blackcomb ski school for the 2010/2011 season. I'm doing part time so I have lots of free time to session with the pros and free ski. Any advice here on how to make the most of the season? 

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Do the best you can to be an outstanding employee so they want to keep you on for next year and have as much fun as possible when not working.

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Whatever else you do, follow their handbook rules to the letter.


You don't want to end up like my lockerroom neighbor who cut his hand on a pair of kid's skis he was carrying and, when he went to the clinic for stitches, had his blood sample result in his being fired for substance abuse.


Remember to smile at every assignment.

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If you're going to be living there, arrange a basic schedule with your SSD, such as working Saturdays and Sundays. However, see if you can arrange flexible scheduling. This can benefit both you and your program, if they are willing to do it. Essentially, you try to work on busy days as much as possible, rather than having fixed days. This does a number of things for you. First off, it means that when you show up to work, you know you'll be looking. Second, it makes you a valuable asset to the program. When I was supervising, a part timer or two coming in when we really needed them would be lifesavers. Then I would tell them they didn't have to come in for their next scheduled day, if we could swing that. Also, it allows you to really maximize your time to free ski. If you're going to have to spend some days working, why not spend the really busy days working rather than trying to fight the crowds to free ski? Then you get the less busy days to get good skiing in. Frequently, your SSD can tell you beforehand which days are really high demand, both by using previous years as a basis, and by checking reservations. So you wouldn't necessarily have to come into the program every day to check how busy they are.


Depending on your program's rules, try to avoid the instructor's room in the mornings. If a supervisor sees your face, you could easily get pulled into teaching on a day when you were supposed to ski. Then again, some mountains require every instructor to check in when they're on the mountain. If that's the case, there's nothing to be done for it.


Most of all, take advantage of your situation. A top notch ski school is the best place to learn new things. Whether its new technique, or the sweetest off-piste areas, the instructors know.

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freeski: Thanks, those are exactly the kinds of tips I was looking for. 

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